Eurovision 2020

Liechtenstein will not debut in Eurovision 2020

No plans to debut in The Netherlands

Despite reports of attempts to debut in the contest, Liechtenstein have confirmed that they will not compete in Eurovision 2020.

Waiting to become a reality

1 FLT TV, Liechtenstein’s broadcaster, has tried many times to apply for an EBU membership as well as compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the broadcaster is still not an active member of the EBU and therefore ineligible to participate in the contest.

Challenges yet to overcome

Liechtenstein would need to receive the support from their government in order to compete in Eurovision in the future. Furthermore, they also need to consider the financial difficulties they may face with the costs of participating.

Overall, there are many issues that are stopping Liechtenstein from confirming their debut in Eurovision one year. While the country is known to have many talented musicians, 1 FLT TV has to consider the costs of not only competing, but also their EBU membership.

Eurovision 2020

Next year’s contest will take part in either Maastricht or Rotterdam in The Netherlands. An announcement on the host city is due to take place on 30 August. So far, 27 countries has confirmed their participation. This includes the return of Ukraine following their withdrawal from this year’s contest.

Should Liechtenstein make their debut in Eurovision in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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