Lena releases ‘Better’ with Nico Santos

The duo asks 'Who's gonna love you better?'

Eurovision 2010 winner ‘Lena’ has just recently released her new album ‘Only Love, L’ in April, which includes the singles ‘Thank You’ and Don’t Let Me Down’, but nothing stops the Eurovision winner as she has released a new single ‘Better’ with Nico Santos.

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“A relationship that did not work out”

The song goes looks at about how a relationship ran, with Lena singing in the beginning of the song how ‘It was only you and I, but now I feel like I am trapped inside’, the song also goes on how the couple thought they were for each other but it wasn’t mean to be, you see Lena singing ‘I thought you were my ride or die, but our love died on the ride’.

As Nico then starts to sing on the track, we get both of them signing how their love for each other was not enough and how they wish each other well and how they won’t find someone else better, we get both Nico and Lena singing ‘Now try to find someone new, who’s gonna love you better’

This theme of how deep a relationship can be, we hear Nico sing ‘Only You and I, know how to really start each other’s fire’ and how difficult it is to move on is also explored, we hear Lena sing ‘I’m looking over my shoulder because you hold me back’.

Throughout the track, we hear Lena and Nico harmonize well together. Mix this with the beat of the track, and the meaning of the track makes it a great listen from both Lena and Nico.

Lena at the Eurovision Song Contest

Lena first participated at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, with the song ‘Satellite’, where she managed to bring Germany’s first win in 28 years. In 2011, Lena went on to defend her title in Dusseldorf with ‘Taken By a Stranger’. She managed to place tenth in the 2011 contest.

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