Nina Kraljić releases new single “Mala Ljubav”

2019 has been a busy year releasing songs for Nina Kraljić! The Croatian Eurovision 2016 representative released a new single titled “Mala Ljubav”. This follows on from three singles she previously released earlier this year.

Little Love

“Mala Ljubav” (“Little Love”) was released on Friday as Nina premiered the song the following day at the Dalmatian Chanson Evening in Šibenik. The song was written and produced by Ines Prajo and Arjana Kunštek. They’re not stranger to working together, as they co-wrote Croatia’s Eurovision 2017 entry “My Friend”, which was performend by Jacques Houdek. In addition, they were also behind Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 2003 entry “Ne Brini” by Mija Martina.

“Love has an answer for everything”

Upon releasing “Mala Ljubav”, Nina explained the message behind the song. She emphasises on the importance love has in our lives regardless of the emotions we’re feeling from day to day.

This is a song that requires elimination of all defences, egos and fears towards love. The song requires that we hope and believe that we deserve love in a form, which is pure, sincere, humble, strong, gentle and powerful. Love that protects you and make you feel free and happy, even when you are sad, because you always can be yourself no matter how your day was: happy, sad, cloudy or sunny, just like it says in the song. Love has an answer for everything, because love based om simplicity contains all the complexity which is needed to stay and build a home

Nina on her latest single “Mala Ljubav”

You can listen to “Mala Ljubav” here

Nina in Eurovision 2016

Nina Kraljić was selected in represent Croatia in Eurovision 2016 with her song “Lighthouse”. She finished 10th in the semi final and 23rd in the final with 73 points.

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