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Max Mutzke wins “The Masked Singer Germany”

After many hard weeks of hiding and competing against 9 other masked singers, Max Mutzke won the first season of "The Masked Singer"

Max Mutzkes journey

Maxs’ musical career started in 2004 when he took part in “Stefan sucht den Super-Grand-Prix-Star”, a castingshow produced by the private broadcaster ProSieben and hosted by Stefan Raab. The aim of the show was to find a contestant for the real national final produced by ARD. ARD agreed to let the winner of the show compete under one condition: They had to make it into the German Top 40 charts first. In the end, Max Mutzke won “Stefan sucht den Super-Grand-Prix-Star” with his song “Can’t Wait Until Tonight” and charted on number one instantly, giving him a wildcard for the German national final.

Eurovision and beyond

After winning the national final over favourites like Scooter or Overground, Mutzke went on to obtain an impressive 8th place for Germany in Istanbul. Since then, he has released seven albums and explored different genres like Jazz, Soul or Pop but still didn’t manage to top the success of “Can’t Wait Until Tonight”.

“The Masked Singer”

Now, with “The Masked Singer”, Max Mutzke went back to his roots. During the Grand Final of the ProSieben produced show, he managed to win over the audience and obtain more votes than his four other competitors. Three of the four judges guessed correctly and believed that Mutzke was under the costume.

With his win, Mutzke definitely brought himself back into the spotlight and was able to win over many new fans. Furthermore, he was also able to promote his music. We wish Max all the best and are excited for what’s about to come!

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