Michael Schulte releases “All I Need”

Another feelgood summer hit that makes you want to dance.

After previously releasing 3 other songs from his new album, which is releasing on October 25th, Michael Schulte blesses us with another track. “All I Need” is a feelgood uptempo pop song that stays true to Michael’s singer-songwriter background but also dives into more electronical and tropical waters. Michael also recorded a summery music video in beautiful Croatia, featuring stunning landscapes and quite a lot of hand-choreography.

New album “Highs and Lows”

“All I Need” is the fourth of in total 14 songs from Michaels new album “Highs and Lows”, releasing on October 25th. It will feature all moods from slow ballads to uptempo pop song, including his already released songs, “Back To The Start”, “The Love You Left Behind” and “Never Let You Down”.

Besides the normal album there will also be a limited exclusive fanbox including the album, a hat, a wristband, a signed autograph, a USB stick with exclusive content and for every 100th person a GOLDEN TICKET. The golden ticket will give you entry to one of Michaels concerts including a Meet&Greet.

What do you think about “All I Need”? Tell us in the comments down below!

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