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Blue’s Duncan James stars in new Innocent Drinks promotion

He's promoting Innocent's Bolt from the Blue smoothie

#DefinitelyBlue… Duncan James, from Blue, is starring a new promotion campaign for Innocent Drinks for their new ‘blue’ smoothie – Bolt from the Blue.

“Fifty quid well spent”

The comical advert comes after a debate started when the drink first hit the shelves in April. The drink, which is made from apple, lime, guava and coconut water, is called ‘blue’ but many people have said that the drink is actually green.

The debate sparked hundreds of responses on Twitter, including from Blue’s Duncan James, who tweeted, “It’s BLUE! End of!!!”. Following this tweet, it seems as if Innocent Drinks have got creative and asked Duncan to join their advertising campaign for the new smoothie.

The new advert has already accumulated more than 5,000 likes on Twitter and has been retweeted over 500 times in just one day.

Innocent have clearly used this advert as a platform to make their own joke out of the drink’s colour with the advert finishing with Duncan saying, “Is it actually blue though? It looks a bit green.”

And the debate and jokes start again…

Duncan James tweeted yesterday, seemingly changing his mind on the colour of the drink from April! It’s all in good spirit though, with Innocent replying “This is is a clear breach of contract”.

The jokes are already rolling in about the advert in the comments, with one person tweeting, “Should have maybe asked Professor Green”, and another person seemingly loving the jokes tweeted, “Whoever is running @innocent socials I salute you – these replies are beautiful with a dash of savage.”

Duncan at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest

Duncan James, along with his band Blue, took part in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany for the United Kingdom with the song “I Can”, finishing in 11th place with 100 points, thus being the country’s best result of the decade. The band scored one set of 12 points on the night from Bulgaria.

Are you happy to see Duncan in the Innocent Drinks promotion? What colour do you think the drink is?

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