Brendan Murray released his cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”

The perfect cover for "Perfect"

Brendan Murray, who represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, released a new cover today including a music video. He released his own version of Ed Sheeran’s big hit “Perfect” with his own version. This is his latest release after he dropped his song “If I’m Honest” back in April.

Brendan’s voice is just perfect for “Perfect”

In all of his songs and covers, Brendan shows his versatility in different styles and genres. He especially nails it in wonderful ballads. Ed Sheeran’s hit “Perfect” is, therefore, a perfect choice. The audio of his cover was made by Robert Grace and the video is by Liam Geddes.

Covers usually have the disadvantage that you compare it with the original. Brendan always knows how to make the whole song his own. Cover or not. In the cover, he gets accompanied by a piano as the only instrument next to his voice. Beautiful cover and production.

Check out Brendan’s version of “Perfect” below:

Brendan Murray - PerfectBrendan Murray – Perfect
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