Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Poland

Eurovision Trivia returns after a break with our Poland trivia quiz! A country that doesn’t shy away from its national identity when it wants to, and has a loyal diaspora that it can move when it wants to, but just doesn’t do it all the time, that would perhaps characterise Poland. Plenty of memorable moments to cover, so here are some questions about their time in the contest.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be Portugal.

Poland's debut entry 'To Nie Ja!' by Edyta was nearly disqualified from the contest, for what reason?

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In the dress rehearsal, Edyta sang the second half of the song in English, going against the language rule in place at the time. Some countries pushed for a disqualification but not enough for the EBU to consider the matter.

Where did 'To Nie Ja!' finish?

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Ich Troje provided some memorable Polish entries in the 00s, in part due to the hair of Michał Wiśniewski, their lead singer. What colour was his hair during 2003's top 10 placing 'Keine Grenzen – Żadnych granic'?

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Well, pinkish-red, which is his most common hair colour. For his return in 2006, he was sporting a rather fruity green number.

Which 90s dance act was credited as a guest performer on Ich Troje's return in 2006?

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It was one single member of Real McCoy, and sadly the name power didn't help them crashing out in the semi-finals.

Between 2005 and 2011 only one Polish entry qualified for the final. Which one was it?

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Poland left the contest for two years in 2012 and 2013, what was the broadcaster's stated reason?

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They claimed in 2012 that organising Euro 2012 (hosted in Poland and Ukraine) needed too much of their attention, and in 2013 were apparently still suffering, as they did not return.

Poland's return entry in 2014, 'Slavic Girls' got a rather high televote, which is commonly attributed to what element of the performance?

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Those damn heterosexual men! The man on a hamster wheel was from another entry that same year, Ukraine's, while yes, 'Slavic Girls' was a very good song, among if not THE favourite of 2014 for me, so everyone talking about the milkmaids is something I remember with mixed feelings.

In Eurovision 2016, the jury reveal happened first. Where was Poland after this reveal but before the televoting points were revealed?

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Careful! Poland got only 7 points from the jury and are well remembered in this contest for shooting up the scoreboard after coming 3rd on the televote, but they did manage to beat one song, Germany, on the jury vote - Germany's song only got one point.

When was the most recent Polish entry to contain Polish in the lyrics?

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Tulia's Fire Of Love was partly in Polish! If you can remember that.

Who is Poland's closest neighbour, the country they've given the most points in the Grand Final?

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Ukraine is very far out in front, with 120 points to Sweden's 87. It should be noted this is a one way street and the most generous neighbour TO Poland is on their other side, Germany.

Eurovision Trivia: Poland
You are Michal Szpak!

Providing an unexpected recent success, Michal is very popular within Polish borders and showed that quality on the Eurovision stage. You know all there is to know about Poland's Eurovision story, congratulations!
You are Kasia Moś!

Krajowe Eliminacje 2018

Flashlight from Kasia was a rather lovely but inessential song. That's not to diminish your effort, you've done very well, but you could have done better.
You are Gromee!

No one is really sure if 2018 Poland happened or meant anything to anyone. We're sorry, but why not try again?

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