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Rotterdam 2020 leaked from official website?

Has accidentally just published the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020? It seems they have, as there now is an event on there, called… Rotterdam 2020!

Rotterdam 2020 – the event

Aside from the event, which can be found here, Twitter user @leowltrs has recorded his screen whilst visiting the page. It can be seen below, just like a screenshot taken by one of the editors. In there, it is clear that Rotterdam is named the official host city for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. It therefore seems the host city has leaked two days before its announcement and that Rotterdam has defeated Maastricht in the battle!

We’ve reached out to the EBU for a comment on the leak.

Update – 19:40 CET: It seems that the EBU has created a Maastricht page that has been intermittently available over the last 10 minutes – but also at times only giving us a 404 Page Not Found error. Try your luck here:

But you can see the screenshots we got of the Maastricht 2020 listing whilst it was published!

This is a breaking news story. We will update the article in due course.

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