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🇮🇱 Experience Eurovision 2019 behind-the-scenes with Tim!

Remainder of rehearsals

As the week went on, so did the rehearsals, the press conferences and the interviews with the participating countries.

The ESCXTRA team managed to obtain interviews in Tel Aviv from more than half of the participating countries and you are able to see the interviews we had from Tel Aviv by clicking right here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the delegations and the participating artists for their time.

I enjoyed every interview I had the opportunity to conduct. Particularly memorable was my interview with Tamta. She was such a lovely person and despite having lots of press waiting for the chance to interview her, she took the time to see everyone.

Another interesting interview I had the chance to host was an interview with Kobi Marimi, who is representing host nation Israel and all of the questions that come with being the host nation’s entry!

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