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Cornald Maas named creative advisor for Eurovision 2020

Slowly but steadily, we’re finding out more and more about the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. After the dates and host city, Rotterdam, yesterday, we now know the role Cornald Maas will play. The Dutch commentator for the contest has been named the ‘creative advisor’ for next year’s contest.

The role you must play…

Cornald Maas is a Eurovision icon in the Netherlands. He took over the commentary postion in the early 2000s and spent years working behind the scenes. Maas was one of the very few positive voices about the contest in the years where the Dutch failed to qualify for the final eight times in a row, between 2005 and 2012. He also hosted Eurovision in Concert a few times. A couple of years ago, Cornald Maas became a member of the selection committee for the contest. In that role, he was partially responsible for selecting Anouk, The Common Linnets and Duncan Laurence for the Eurovision Song Contest.

After Duncan Laurence brought the contest to the Netherlands, many wondered what Cornald Maas’s role would be. Several people suggested hosting may be one of the jobs on offer for the 57 year old. On Twitter, Maas himself now said what his role would be: His job is to be the Creative Advisor to the creative and organising teams for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Apart from that, he says a couple of other things are still in discussions, but more will be revealed about those later.

Going Dutch

No, the team isn’t going to pay for themselves as the title might indicate, but it does seem the organisers are aiming for an all-Dutch team for the upcoming contest. The four Core Team members will be Sietse Bakker, Inge van de Weerd, Emilie Sickinghe and Jessica Stam. With Cornald Maas advising the organising and creative teams, the team is all Dutch for now.

Later today, we’ll inform you on the directors for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Marnix Kaart and Marc Pos. For now, watch the video of Cornald Maas’s commentary to Duncan Laurence’s victory below!

SONGFESTIVAL: Het moment waarop Duncan Laurence wintSONGFESTIVAL: Het moment waarop Duncan Laurence wint
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