Gliwice-Silesia 2019

The Netherlands: watch here the video clips of Junior Songfestival 2019

The four participating acts in the Junior Songfestival 2019 have had a busy summer. They are actively preparing the final of the Junior Songfestival that will take place on 28 September. After the songs, the time to release the video clips of each participant has come.

Two busy summer months

Moves, 6times, Matheu and Mannes. These four candidates will compete against each other on Saturday 28 September. What’s there to win? Representing The Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Silesia (Poland) on Sunday, 24 November.

In line with the annual tradition, this year the candidates went on a boot camp. During that boot camp, the juniors were divided into four different acts. They worked on their song that they later recorded. In addition, they have also made beautiful video clips that will come online one by one. The young artists also did an official photo shoot and recorded postcards that will be shown during the final on 28 September. In addition to their individual songs, they have also made a collective song, that is called ‘Stars To Shine’.

Apart from the artistic part of the camp, the kids also had a lot of fun together. For example, they have done a real survival as a team building activity and so they became a close group of friends in a very short time. They even visited The Toppers, the group that represented The Netherlands in Eurovision 2009 with “Shine”! The juniors had the honour of having a small conversation with Jan Smit, Gerard Joling and Jeroen van der Boom. In fact, Luuk, one of the members of Moves, is actually the son of Toppers-member Jeroen van der Boom. The questions they asked were about rehearsals, rituals before going on stage and any blunders that happened on stage.

Watch the video clips

Since Wednesday, 28 August, the individual video clips of the candidates came online or YouTube. Juniorsongfestival.NL already revealed the two first video clips coming from Moves and 6times. Later, on 4 and 6 September, the other two video clips will be online, so stay tuned!

Moves – Make Your Move

6times – End Of Time

Mannes – Let Me Sing

Matheu – Dans Met Jou

Details about the show

On 29 August, NPO ZAPP announced more details about the final of late September. So, the presenters were revealed, as well as the jury and children’s jury.

Firstly, the juries got announced. This year, three professional jury members will help determine who will represent The Netherlands on the big stage in Gliwice-Silesia. These jurors are Dutch singer Tabitha, former B-Brave member Kaj van der Voort and Edsilia Rombley who twice represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. Further, the kids jury will also have three members, Max & Anne, who represented The Netherlands during the Junior Eurovision last year and Anna, the runner-up of the national final last year. During the final, these jury members will decide 50% of the voting, the other 50% will be decided by the Dutch audience. Secondly, NPO ZAPP announced the hosts of the show. Romy Monteiro received the honour for the second time, this year together with Buddy Vedder.

You can check out all of the junior’s adventures on their YouTube channel Juniorsongfestival.NL

The Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Together with Belarus, The Netherlands is one of the only countries that has been participating non-stop in the children’s version of the Eurovision Song Contest since the beginning in 2003. They currently have one win that happened in 2009 by Ralf Mackenbach and Click-Clack.

Who is your favourite to represent The Netherlands in Poland? Are you going to watch the Dutch national final? Let us know in the comments below!

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