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Welcome back to Eurovision Trivia as we continue with one of the most recent winners, Portugal! I must admit that rather unfortunately, for a country I really admire for its rich history, I don’t have that many Portuguese entries I like. I wasn’t hit by the Salvador train and many other Portuguese entries fade into the background. But leaving personal taste aside, they are a unique country in Eurovision’s history, having gone the longest entering before winning and putting up a long and commendable history of keeping their entries feeling and sounding Portuguese. So what trivia could they have?

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be Romania. In the meantime, enjoy our Portuguese trivia quiz!

What was the best performing Portuguese entry?

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Moniz held the record before Salvador. And incidentally, for a good long while when I first became a Eurovision fan, Nonstop was my favourite Portuguese entry, which is somewhat damning with faint praise. (these days I have come around to Há dias assim)

When did Portugal first send a song partly in English in these year ranges?

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All Portuguese entries have contained Portuguese. But three in the 00s contained English too, the first of these was in 2003.

What was special about the Portuguese entry in the historic contest of 1974?

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The first radio broadcast of ‘E depois do adeus’ was a signal to revolution leaders to start the Carnation Revolution, an almost bloodless revolution that deposed the Portuguese dictatorship, turning the country into a modern democracy. Eurovision has had real impacts on history!

In 1989 Portugal entered a song by Da Vinci called ‘Conquistador’. Mentioning several former colonies of Portugal, which one of the following countries was formerly a Portuguese colony and was included in the song?

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It’s the sort of song you might have been surprised to see entered to Eurovision. I can’t say whether it was just informing about colonialism or something more sinister, but this was 30 years ago.

How many times has Portugal qualified from the semi-finals since their introduction in 2004?

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Only 4! 2008-2010 inclusive and Salvador are the only Portuguese entries to ever make it. Of course, their host entry can be added to make 5 appearances in the Grand Final since 2004.

A Portuguese word meaning ‘sea’ appears in the title of 2 recent Portuguese entries. What is that word?

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The other words are words for sea in other languages, French, Greek and Japanese.

What is the name of the Portuguese national selection?

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Canção means ’song’.

How many times has Portugal come last?

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Yes, only 4. Never in the semis, surprisingly. Most of their last places are also quite significant. They came last on their debut in 1964, their revolutionary entry in 1974, and came last directly after their two most successful entries.

Who do Portugal give the most points to?

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Their favourite. Iberians do stick together in Eurovision. 221 points to Spain in the final overall.

When Salvador won, the most points in Eurovision history, how many points did he win with? Have a go.

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Eurovision Trivia: Portugal
You are Salvador Sobral!

Festival da Canção Salvador

The biggest winner in history, the absolute huge turnaround that rivaled Finland as a country finally gettting their long overdue record breaking win. Well done, very well done!
You are Cláudia Pascoal!

Seeing Portugal in the final is an achievement in itself! You’ve done very well, good effort.
You are Conan Osiris!

Some of us may not have wanted this, but maybe Portugal is just going back to its old ways. We’ll see. My apologies. Do try again if you want.

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