Gliwice-Silesia 2019

Helena Meraai and Andrey Makayonok to host Junior selection show in Belarus

TVR has revealed the two hosts for their Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 national final. Andrey Makayonok and Helena Meraai have the honour of hosting the show next Friday, where ten girls will fight for the ticket to Gliwice-Silesia.

Three consecutive years for Helena Meraai

By now, Helena Meraai has become a true household name when it comes to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In 2017, she herself took to the stage to represent Belarus. With “I Am The One”, she finished in fifth place. With Junior Eurovision not automatically going to the winning country, the EBU selected Minsk as host city for 2018.

During the show last year, Helena Meraai hosted the show. She has now landed another hosting job, with the Belarusian national final for 2019. There, she will be joined by Andrey Makayonok. Makayonok is new to the Eurovision world and is famous for his stand-up comedy in Belarus.

Who runs the world? Girls!

One thing is for sure for the Belarusian representative of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019: It’s a girl!

Ten acts will be taking part in the show and they’re all girls. 44 acts auditioned to become part of the national final. Last month, TVR already confirmed the running order for the show. You can see that order below and listen to all the songs on the TVR website.

  1. Yelizaveta Misnikova – Pepel’nyy (Ash)
  2. Anastasiya Zhabko – Poymi menya (Understand me)
  3. Mariya Zhilina – Spyavala, gukala, chakala (Sleeping, shouting, waiting)
  4. Kseniya Galetskaya – A better world
  5. Group Monkey Tops- Posmotri na nas (Look at us)
  6. Sofiya Khrolovich – Davay tantsuy (Let’s Dance)
  7. Sofiya Rustamova – Skazhi mne (Tell me)
  8. Group Zefir – Luchshiye i pervyye (Best and first)
  9. Arina Pekhtereva – Never Again
  10. Mariya Yermakova – Vetra (Wind)

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