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KAN sues Live Nation over Madonna’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest

Madonna's Lucky Star not working?

After a long time of will-she or won’t she perform at the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Madonna was then confirmed as one of the interval acts at this year’s competition. Her performance was controversial to say the least. It has now been revealed that KAN, the Israeli broadcaster responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest last year, has decided to take action. They have sued Live Nation in regards to Madonna’s performance in Tel Aviv.

Controversy galore

According to Variety, online records show that KAN has filed a suit against Live Nation for 1.375 Million ILS ($390,000). This is apparently due to Madonna’s representatives violated the terms of their agreement and have apparently gone back on the terms both parties have agreed.

In addition to this, the court filing also reveals that KAN has provided Madonna with technical and logistical support that was ‘beyond the Eurovision production’. The list of these is quite long, but includes security, projectors, headphones and extra staff needed for the Queen of Pop.

Now, the performance delivered by Madonna at the contest was filled with controversy. Part of it was not sung live and the part that was live, was off key for most of it. Add the Palestinian flags, which Madonna did not deem ‘political’, displayed by members of the ensemble Madonna brought and you have a controversy on your hands. However, that is, surprisingly, not what the lawsuit is about.

KAN claim that Live Nation have agreed to cover the extra costs necessary for Madonna’s performance. To date, however, it seems that Live Nation has not paid the Israeli broadcaster. For that reason, KAN have decided to go to court and sue Live Nation.

According to Variety, KAN has confirmed that it has filed a suit. However, they have declined to make any further comments. Live Nation has not yet commented after Variety’s request.

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Madonna’s performance at Eurovision 2019…

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