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Nightwish singer Floor Jansen ‘open to representing Netherlands at Eurovision 2020’

Floor Jansen, the current lead singer of Finnish band Nightwish, and former vocalist of Dutch band After Forever has admitted in an interview to that she is open to the possibility of entering Eurovision for the Netherlands as their host entry.

Who is Floor Jansen?

The Netherlands is home to some incredible talent in the metal scene, and one of its most prominent and experienced vocalists is Floor Jansen. She has served as a vocalist on bands After Forever and ReVamp over several albums and more than a decade of work. Most notably, she joined internationally successful band Nightwish in 2013, releasing the album Endless Forms Most Beautiful in 2015. In addition to also releasing live albums with Nightwish, she has remained active in recent years, forming a duo called Northward with the guitarist of Norwegian band Pagan’s Mind in 2018.

‘It’s an honour’

As a prominent Dutch artist, rumours about Eurovision have come and gone in recent years. Following her performances on Dutch TV show Beste Zangers, she spoke to Algemeen Dagblad, and one of the topics of conversation was whether she would consider entering Eurovision. Here is what she said:

“It’s an honour that people even consider me to be good fit for Eurovision. I never even thought about it before. It was a major happening when I was a child, but I lost touch with it as the years progressed and the contest changed. My sister told me not to say ‘No’ to Eurovision immediately, so I checked out some of the songs. I was really impressed. After giving it a big ‘No’ at first, I now think ‘Why shouldn’t I do it?’. But that’s as far as I’ve got.” interview, translated from the original Dutch

Floor is an accomplished and experienced vocalist, and with the Netherlands hosting Eurovision this year, they will doubtless be looking for a quality act to complement their hosting production. It was recently announced that their act will be completely internally selected. If Floor is open to the option of doing so, could she be the one?

What do you think about the possibility of Floor Jansen representing the Netherlands? If she were to, what sort of song would you like her to bring, a punchy metal anthem or a stately ballad? Let us know by commenting below or on our social media @ESCXtra

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