Senhit drops new single “Un Bel Niente”

Back in 2011, she represented San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. Now, with an extra H in her name and a different sound, Senhit has dropped her latest single: “Un Bel Niente”.

Senit to Senhit

Senhit’s career has already been going for eighteen years. The Bologna native, who also has Eritrean heritage, has since released many songs. In 2011, SMRTV decided to return to the Eurovision Song Contest for just their second participation in the contest. Radiosa Romani composed “Stand By” for the then 31-year old singer. It eventually placed sixteenth in the semifinal, thus failing to qualify. San Marino however decided to stay in the contest, unlike after their first go.

“Through The Rain” was then Senhit’s follow-up single. In 2014, she started a new chapter in her career and made a subtle change in her name: Senit became Senhit. She decided to release more and more Italian material, like earlier in her career.

Her new effort is called “Un Bel Niente”, or ‘Absolutely Nothing’ in English. Senhit has worked with several composers on the song. Gianluigi Fazio is one of them. To Eurovision fans, he may be a known name for having co-composed “To Stjerner” in DMGP a few years ago, as well as “Fatti Avanti Amore” for Nek in Sanremo 2015. For that, he worked together with Andrea Bonomo, who has also worked on “Un Bel Niente”. The other composers are Oliver Nordh and British singer Charli Taft.

“Un Bel Niente” is available on all platforms you’d expect: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and so on. You can access the platform of your choice by clicking here.

You can listen to Senhit’s new single “Un Bel Niente” below! Make sure you let us know what you think!

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