Aminata & Tautumeitas release new single “Dzīvot Citādāk”

Aminata is back! With the help of folk group Tautumeitas, the Latvian Eurovision 2015 representative has released a new single titled “Dzīvot Citādāk” (“Live Differently”).

Killing softness with fragility

“Dzīvot Citādāk” brings in different styled elements from both Aminata and Tautumeitas. While Aminata starts the song with a rather contemporary feel to it, Tautumeitas eventually join in with their signature folk vibe.

Written and composed by Aminata alongside Jānis Šipkēvics, the Eurovision 2015 contestant spoke about what inspired her to write the song.

Creating such a song was inspired by the stories of the women around me. It’s about my mother, grandmother, aunts, girlfriends. They’ve gone through some unimaginable difficulties, but they all have the ability to stand up, fall and go further with a smile on their face.”

It’s clear that “Dzīvot Citādāk” represents an admiration for women who seem to have their own back in life, and who are supporting themselves regardless of the tough situations they appear in.

Aminata further explains the meaning of the song to TVNet:

“Dzīvot Citādāk” is meant to encourage all women to feel strong. Together with Tautumeitas, I really wanted to create a sense of togetherness for women in this song

Asnate Rancāne, one of the six members of Tautumeitas, went on to describe the song as well. Although it is not entirely the usual style of music they record, the group embraced this change given the meaning behind the song.

With Aminata we decided to let go where this song takes us. Aminata had a very clear and cherished vision. Although the song style is new to us, the vibrations that prevailed among us were not unfamiliar to us

You can listen to their new song here:

Aminata at Eurovision 2015

Aminata represented Latvia at Eurovision 2015 with the song “Love Injected”. She lead Latvia to their first final in seven years. Overall, Aminata finished sixth with 186 points.

Let us know what you think of “Dzīvot Citādāk” in the comments below!

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