Eurovision 2020

Germany: More details about selection process revealed

The submission window for songs in now open!

Shortly after the assembly of the Eurovision-Jury, things are moving fast in Germany. Digame, official partner of NDR, has started the search for artists and songs for the German National Final 2020.

The company opened the website, where interested songwriters can send in their work until October 1st. Singers and bands were also able to apply, but the application deadline for them ended on August 30th

More details for 2020 revealed

Not only is digame looking for songs, they are telling us more about the selection process as a whole. They are looking for a contemporary song which fits international standards and stands out from other songs. Additionaly, the lyrics should have a strong, clear and understandable message. Digame specifically refers to songs like “Arcade” (Netherlands 2019) or “Toy” (Israel 2018) as examples of how a song can evoke an emotional reaction in the TV viewers.

Furthermore, digame also confirmed the existence of an expert jury consisting of 20 interantional music experts.

After October 1st, digame will activate the two juries who will then assess all song submissions. After the best songs are chosen, digame will begin a “pairing-process”. The best rated songs will be sung and performed by different artists. Then, the juries will determine the best combinations of song and artist.

However, digame wants to give the artists without a song a chance to write their own material. In the FAQ section on their website, it is stated that the best artists (about 10 – 20 people) will be able to attend songwriting sessions with professional, “very successful” songwriters. Additionaly, they will record and perform already submitted songs. The results of this process will then be evaluated by the juries again.

Germany in Eurovision

During the 2010s, Germany experienced many highs and lows in Eurovision. After winning in 2010 and two more top 10 finishes in 2011 and 2012, Germany found itself struggling and even placing last twice, in 2015 and 2016. In 2018, Germany changed their selection process and Michael Schulte placed fourth in Lisbon. However, the same process did not work in 2019. The duo S!sters represented Germany in Tel Aviv, achieving a disappointing 25th place with only 24 points.

Do you think their method for 2020 will bring Germany back into the top 10? Let us know in the comments down below!

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