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Eurovision Trivia becomes Romanian trivia as we head over to Eastern Europe to look at one of the most successful countries of the 21st century, a consistent qualifying country (except in recent years) that has yet never quite gone the distance to win. I can like them in ways that undercut my hipster/rock persona. And, you know, most of the time they do bring the fun. So Romania are often known for their catchy popular tunes, but what do you know about their participation over the years?

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be Russia. In the meantime, enjoy our Romanian trivia quiz!

In which decade did Romania join the Eurovision Song Contest?

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They joined in 1994, officially. They sent an entry in 1993 but it didn't make it past the selection that year.

Romanian group Taxi sent a song to Eurovision about which astronomical body?

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the B-Side to this song was called Luna (the Romanian version of the song).

In between 2004 and 2007, when the top 10 of the previous year did not need to participate, Romania only took part in the semis once. Which entry took part in the semis?

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Let Me Try won its semi, and later finished 3rd! It had to do that after I Admit had finished 18th the year before.

Which entry from Romania contained six languages?

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For those interested, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian and Russian, a Romance love-in plus Russia and English. As a thought exercise, The Balkan Girls would be a much cooler song if it did try to be a song including every Balkan language.

Cezar’s It’s My Life was met with a huge number of reactions in 2013, including a comparison to Dracula (of course). What genres was the song a mashup of?

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The dubstep is very prominent in the bridge.

So go on then, which of the following is NOT a song Mihai Trăistariu has attempted to enter to Eurovision through Selecția Națională?

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Mihai is infamous for appearing most years, with a total of nine attempts (and one success, Tornerò) at time of writing, though he withdrew his planned entry in 2019 so maybe he’s going to stop trying... ha! Pe-o margine de Lume was Romania's 2008 entry, by Nico and Vlad. Vlad was probably not Mihai in disguise. Probably.

As above, Romania’s selection often has many repeat performers. Who among the following attempted to represent Romania five times before being selected on the fifth time?

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In a cruel twist of fate for Anton (and personally, Romania’s best entry ever), his victory with the wonderful 'Moment Of Silence' was the year that Romania were disqualified by the EBU for financial reasons.

Romania for a long time had an unbroken record in the semi-finals, always making it through to the final. Which year did they finally finish outside of the semi-final's top 10, therefore not qualifying?

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2018, with The Humans - Goodbye was their first official non-qualifier. Which makes Moment Of Silence in 2016, as my favourite entry, a disqualification, and a song that’s among my favourites of theirs, Goodbye, their first failure. Romania should stop trying to appeal to me. They did indeed also fail to qualify this year. Romania's luck has really run out lately.

2014’s Miracle had a performance that included the first use of what in the contest’s history?

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The first part of the song where a fake Paula Seling disappears and the real one walks onstage was about the most memorable this entry ever got.

In 2017, Romania borrowed a cultural touchstone of another European country in their song, while this country sent a band that featured a Romanian singer in the same year. Which is this second country?

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The track was of course, Yodel It by Ilinca and Alex Forea, and the Swiss entry that year, Timebelle’s Apollo has a Romanian producer, and a Romanian lead singer. Always cool seeing distinct vocal styles like yodeling in Eurovision. Incidentally, Yodel It was actually written for Timebelle, but they rejected it in favour of ‘Apollo’. That worked out well. For those who don’t remember, Yodel It came 7th, while Apollo stayed in the semi-finals.

Eurovision Trivia: Romania
You are Ilinca & Alex!

Ilinca feat. Alex Florea in Selectia Nationala 2018

Bringing a great recent Romanian success, this duo's fun Yodel It won the hearts of the continent and finished 7th, a great position in Romania to go alongside the rest of their top 10 results. You've done excellently on this quiz, congrats!
You are Cezar!

One of Romania's most infamous entries, Cezar finished around about middle of the pack, in 13th. Same for you. Good effort, really, sometimes these quizzes are really hard!

Poor Ester failed to make it through or do anything notable this year. She also ranks as the worst performing Romanian entry as of 2019. Apologies, why not look around our site, brush up, and try again!

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