Luca Hänni releases music video for ‘Bella Bella’

He brought Switzerland back in the final or Eurovision after five long years. After ‘She Got Me’, Luca Hänni is now back with another summery and danceable song ‘Bella Bella’. You can find the music video in this article!

A successor for ‘She Got Me’

The song came out on Friday, 6 September, the music video came on YouTube one week later. Enjoy Luca Hänni’s music video of ‘Bella Bella’ now!

Summer vibes all the way

Last outfit check-up, a sip of coke and it’s done! In the new music video from Luca Hänni again for what he was born, dance! He trades in the 20s style of ‘She Got Me’ for a modern set-up and a summer outfit. The entire video shows a mix of the actual film set and associated backstage footage. Luca and his four dancers clearly had fun and turned the temperatures up.

Luca Hänni in the Eurovision Song Contest

After not having reached a final five years in a row, the Swiss broadcaster decided to choose the entry for Eurovision 2019 internally. SRF ended up with Luca Hänni. He released ‘She Got Me’ on 7 March 2019 and immediately became hugely popular. As a result, the expectations were immediately high for the country, because for the first time since long they made a big chance of qualifying.

In Tel Aviv, Luca entered the second semifinal. There he managed to advance to the final with ease. That marks the very first final for Switzerland since 2014. Luca also managed to pack the whole of Europe in the final with his summer hit and dance skills. After the exciting scoring, Switzerland was pretty fourth. The best Swiss result since 1993!

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