Bilal Hassani releases the music video for ‘Je Danse Encore’

French Eurovision Song Contest 2019 participant Bilal Hassani has released the music video for his latest single ‘Je Danse Encore’ (I Dance Again)

A more personal close-up look of Bilal and his mother

The video centers around Bilal surprising his mother with a first listen of ‘Je Danse Encore’, Bilal’s friends also helped make this come to fruition and took his mother to a secret location, wearing a blindfold.

When the blindfold was taken from her eyes, his mother seemed surprised and starts getting teary-eyed. From this point onwards, Bilal sings the song in front of his mother, with the addition of clips of when Bilal was younger. Whether this was taken on holidays or during a birthday, the strong bond between Bilal and his mother is sure to touch the people who watch it.

Towards the end of the clip, we see the emotions running high between Bilal and his mother, and we see both of them happily hug it out at the end of the song.

Bilal Hassani at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2019, France selected Bilal Hassani to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, with the song ‘Roi‘ (King). As a member of the Big Five, France automatically participated in the Grand Final on May 18. Bilal managed to finished 16th overall with 105 points.

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