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Daniël Dekker leaves the Dutch selection committee for the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2009, he became involved in the Dutch selection procedure for the Eurovision Song Contest. Between 2010 and 2013, he was also the regular commentator. Unfortunately, Daniël Dekker announced in the morning of 19 September that he is leaving the selection committee.

Announcement via Facebook

“After 10 years of pleasure, passion, music, friendship and above all results, I conclude my involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been able to do and experience a lot. From radio broadcasts to television commentary, from selection to organization. From the very last to the very first. A great adventure that you will never forget. With big thanks and love for everyone who was really there. I will miss you.”. Daniël personally shared these words with the world via Facebook. He posted the message on 19 September.

The Netherlands back on the Eurovision map

Daniël was one of the most important people in the committee. When he joined the team in 2009, the Netherlands was not doing well at Eurovision. They were in the midst of a serious dip, since it had been since 2004 that the Netherlands could reach the final. Daniël and his colleagues were therefore given the heavy task of putting the Netherlands back on the map and achieving better Eurovision results.

That happened four years after Daniël entered! Thanks to Anouk, the Netherlands passed the semi-final for the first time in 2013. Since then they have followed an almost flawless course. With the exception of a slightly lesser entry, the Netherlands always reached the final. They even achieved a very nice second place in 2014 with the Common Linnets. The biggest success, however, came in 2019. After 44 years, the Netherlands finally able received its fifth victory.

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Daniël praised by Sietse Bakker on twitter

Moments after Daniël’s announcement, Eurovision 2020 producer Sietse Bakker posted a Tweet in connection with Daniel’s departure. The tweet contained nothing but praising words. According to Sietse, Daniel was “one of the driving forces behind the Dutch comeback and the profit of Duncan Laurence. Thankful for his efforts.”

Searching a worthy successor

With the new Eurovision Season starting up, Daniël’s colleagues don’t have much time to find a successor. Nevertheless, fellow members Eric van Stade, Jan Smit and Cornald Maas want to be careful with this choice. “We are looking for someone who, like Daniël, is close to the artists. Of course we lose the one with the most music knowledge in the committee,” they explain. They add that the Dutch candidate for 2020 has not yet been chosen. The newcomer, together with Jan, Cornald and Eric, will determine who will represent the Netherlands in Rotterdam next year.

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