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“Marte” is coming! RTVE gives us a little snippet of Melani García’s Junior Eurovision Entry

A fight for our planet

“Marte” a song of hope, prosperity and the effects of climate change. Spain’s Melani García is ready to showcase her vocal capabilities and deliver a message for a cause that affects every single on of us.

The young operatic talent will wave the Spanish flag proudly at Gliwice later this year with the hopes of bringing the contest back to Spain. As previously reported, Emilio Mercader and David Santisteban are behind her entry, “Marte”.

However, the Melani was also involved in writing the song and deciding to go for a message that is extremely relevant and important. Best way to put it, it is a pop song with touches of grandiose vocal acrobatics and an epic melody to back it up.

“Marte” is coming!

Until we have the chance to hear the full studio cut of Melani’s Junior Eurovision entry, RTVE gives us a little teaser of what can be expected.

Melani describes her song as an anthem of unity against a cause that affects us all and invites each and every one of us to take action.

Melani García – “Marte” lyrics from the first minute of the song

​Cada resto que abandonas
Es un arma que bien puede quitar
Una vida a cara o cruz
Con las mentes que razonan
Con la gente que algo quiere cambiar
Con la gente como tú
Que no quieres ver que el mundo 
Acabe así
Y vas a defender la vida que hay en mí
Tu voz hoy puede volar
Llegar hasta Marte
Llegarme al camino de la luz
Lo puedes cambiar
Llegar hasta Marte
Llevarme a la luz
Todo puede ser como quieras tú

Who is Melani García?

Melani was born in 2007 in the town LA Eliana in Valencia. Her musical career began at the age of eight, when she took part at the local choir and was taught Mozart’s opera ‘Due pupille amabili’ by her teacher.

She also taught herself classical music, when she did not get accepted in the Music Conservatory School. In addition to this, she also plays the violin and she is learning how to play the piano.

Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Despite only taking part of the contest FOUR times, Spain actually had a pretty good track record in it. They nabbed the trophy in 2004 with María Isabel and “Antes muerta que sencilla”, NEARLY nabbed it by ending second in 2003 and 2005 AND finished fourth when they last participated in 2006.

What do you think of “Marte”? Do you think it can bring Spain its second Junior Eurovision win?

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