Timebelle releases their new single ‘Black Sea’

2017 Swiss representatives Timebelle are back and have released their new single ‘Black Sea’, where we see a more emotive and a different side to Timebelle.

Listen to Black Sea

You can now listen to Black Sea on the following streaming platforms


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The Music Video for ‘Black Sea’ directed by “Leonid Cojocaru”

About ‘Black Sea’

The Black Sea looks at reminiscing about the moments you had when you were younger. This is more apparent visually, in the music video where we see Runa in a more dark and mysterious background, along with some scenes of a young girl, with her father.

Lyrically, the song goes on about going forward, despite going through some hardships. We hear Runa sing:

I hope that I’ll see, see you in Black Sea, where we’ll be swimming young and free.

Lyrics from Black Sea

The track very much shifts from their latest release ‘Tocame’ with fellow Eurovision Song Contest participants ‘Sunstroke Project’, but the track is very well-produced. Take this, along with Runa’s angelic voice and the whistle sounds, Black Sea is sure to be a perfect tune for a quiet chilled day.

Timebelle in the Eurovision Song Contest

Timebelle was selected to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. The band participated in the contest with their song “Apollo”. However, despite being a fan favorite Timebelle has failed to qualify for the Grand Final, finishing 12th in their Semi-Final with 97 Points.

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