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‘It’s a complete canvas’ – BMG UK on the selection of UK artist for Eurovision 2020

BBC has recently announced that it was working with BMG UK in order to find the song and representative to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam.

Since the announcement, Alistair Norbury; President, Repertoire & Marketing of BMG UK has spoken with Music Week, to give more insight on how the British representative will be selected.

All scenarios are open

Whilst speaking to Music Week, Alistair Norbury revealed that they are thrilled to be working with the BBC for Eurovision 2020 and that it is a ‘Blank Canvas’ when it comes to the selection of the artist:

We are thrilled to have won the tender and to be working with the BBC. It could be a new act, it could be an emerging act, it could be an act coming back. It’s a complete blank canvas.

Alistair Norbury on the artist slection for the UK

In addition to the artist, Alistair Norbury also mentioned the importance of having the right song, and have ensured that BMG will be very much involved in regards to selecting, and publishing the selected entry.

The song will definitely have a BMG songwriter’s involvement, it may as well be a co-write. The most important thing is to come up with the best song.

We will take this opportunity to really come through with the strongest entrant by taking input and feedback from a variety of places, starting with our great music publishing team here, which is a great place to build from. Whoever the artist is, the track will be on BMG and the song will have some BMG publishing within it.

Alistair Norbury on the importance of songwriters

Huge interest from the songwriting community

Alistair Norbury has also confirmed that there has been a huge amount of interest from the songwriting community, in regards to Eurovision. He has mentioned that “It’s going to be a very intriguing process.”

One of the songwriters who have publicly expressed their interest is Norwegian DJ JOWST, who represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 with his song ‘Grab The Moment’, which placed 10th overall.

A few days later, JOWST clarified his earlier tweet:

United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Last year, the BBC announced a format change in their national final Eurovision: You Decide. Michael Rice won with his version of ‘Bigger than Us’, penned by John Lundvik. However, despite his powerhouse vocals and some notable backing singers, the United Kingdom failed to set the scoreboard alight. The UK came last place with 11 points.

Michael Rice performing ‘Bigger Than Us’ at the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final

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