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Rotterdam 2020 to be the most sustainable Eurovision ever?

Sietse Bakker and his Magic 100 are busy preparing for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Their goal is to put on three spectacular shows next May. In addition to the glitter and glamour, there are of course other things involved. They think of everything! Similarly to the environment.

What are the exact plans?

A sustainable festival depends on several points: separating waste, generating power yourself, wasting as little food as possible and purchasing local food. As it has now been about a month since AVROTROS awarded the Eurovision to Rotterdam, it is a bit too early to go into details so deeply. “We are now busy looking at how we are going to do everything. That is why nothing specific is known than what is in the bidbook. More will be announced in December.”, says the spokesperson for alderman Said Kasmi.

De bronafbeelding bekijken

Nevertheless, the Magic 100 and the municipality of Rotterdam are already thinking of some important points, namely:


Ahoy will generate its own electricity by installing new solar panels. The assembly will take place shortly. In total around 2600 panels will end up on the roof. To ensure that these solar panels work optimally, the Magic 100 hopes for a sunny spring. In this way the panels can prove their optimum utility. In order not to run any risk, generators and sea containers full of batteries also run in the background as back-ups.


Another strong point that the Magic 100 insists on is sorting rubbish. For example: The organizers want nothing to do with plastic that can only be used once. Think of straws, plastic cups and balloons. Delegations receive a sustainable and reusable Eurovision water bottle. The municipality of Rotterdam uses a ‘waste island’ to collect all the waste from the event site, Ahoy itself and also the center of Rotterdam. This so-called island consists of various containers put together. The municipality collects the waste separately. Rotterdam uses ‘waste butlers’ for the outdoor events. They make you think about separating waste and litter in a playful way.

De bronafbeelding bekijken


Rotterdam says no to food waste! The surplus of the food that restaurants and the like will serve during Eurovision will not be thrown away at all costs. The city promises that the food will go to the food banks or will end up in the organic food container so that it can be turned into compost.

Hoe Ahoy eruit komt te zien tijdens het Eurovisie Songfestival. (Foto: Rotterdam Ahoy)
This is how Ahoy Rotterdam is tend to look like in May 2020

Do you think Rotterdam will succeed in making Eurovision 2020 the most sustainable edition ever? What do you think of the ideas so far? Make sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates.

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