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Miki’s debut album “Amuza” storms to the No. 1 of the Spanish album charts! More than 50.000 people show up to his first solo concert!

A Star Is Born

This year’s Spanish representative, Miki, probably had the best time releasing his first album “Amuza” this month. The album not just went No. 1 on the official Spanish album charts, but Miki also gave his first solo concert and more than 50.000 people showed up to see him perform in Barcelona, Spain. This comes shortly after tickets for his tour for winter 2019/2020 went on sale and sell very good. Some shows were sold out within hours!

Miki celebrates big success with “Amuza”

Miki is having the perfect start for his music career. His debut album just went straight to No. 1 of the official Spanish album charts. Thousands of people showed up for his album signing tour through Spain. He signed, additional to that, 16.000 copies, who sold out very fast on every platform. And this is not even everything.

Last weekend he had his first ever solo concert and way more than 50.000 people showed up for it in Barcelona. Even though it was raining the streets were filled with singing people celebrating the release and the music from his album “Amuza”.

But there is no stopping for Miki! He’s going on his big solo tour later this year with several stops in Spain. Tickets are going very fast and you should get them soon, cos you don’t wanna miss the chance to see him live!

Listen to his debut album below:

Miki performs for more than 50.000 people at his first solo concert in Barcelona, Spain! ©RAC105

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him, but with this talent we can expect a lot from him and he’s having the time of his life!

Back in Tel Aviv we had the chance to speak with him:

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