New Music Friday – This week with John Lundvik, lilly among clouds, Oscar Zia and more!

New tunes have arrived!

Another week passed and we reached the best day of the week. Yes, it’s the weekend but more importantly, is that we finally reached the New Music Friday! On the next pages, we have some of this week’s new releases from your favorite Eurovision artists to check out and add to your playlist. Let us know in the comments which was your fave release of the week and what we need to feature next week. Let’s go!

John Lundvik – One Night In Bankok

This year’s Top 5 finisher from Sweden is back with a new single. John delivers a bop with “One Night In Bankok”. The song was written by Andreas Stone Johansson, Denniz Jamm, Steven J Lee together with John himself. Produced by Andreas Stone Johansson and Anderz Wrethov. The song itself is a modern hit featuring Johns amazing voice and flow. It comes together with a music video. You can check out the video below:

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