Eye Cue release new single “Jano Mori”

"Jano Mori"! Eye Cue thanks all the Janas in their life with their latest single!

Eye Cue, the North Macedonian fan favourites from 2018, return with a modern take on the classic Macedonian folk song “Jano Mori”.

A modern take on an old Macedonian folk song

Writing on Facebook, Eye Cue explains that “Jano Mori” holds a special place in their heart, as the song is one of their parents favourites. The song itself is an ode to a special someone called Jana and was originally released in 1966 by Kiril Mancevski. Eye Cue want to use the opportunity to give a special shoutout to all the Janas in their life, mentioning Bojans sister, their choreograph and even North Macedonias 2017 act Jana Burceska.

The song itself is kept simple. Soothing guitar sounds paired with a groovy beat are in the forefront but we are still getting the typical sound that screams “Eye Cue”! On top of that Marija is serving flawless vocals while singing in Macedonian and channeling traditional Macedonian sounds.

Give it a listen down below!

Eye Cue at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

The popular duo of Bojan Trajkovski and Marija Ivanovska made their name winning the 2015 Skopje Festival. Back in the early winter of January 2018 Eye Cue were internally selected to represent North Macedonia in Lisbon. Later they would reveal their tropical bop ‘Lost and Found’, becoming a firm fan favourite. Unfortunately Europe and Australia audiences didn’t have the same vigour and North Macedonia came 18th in their Semi-Final. Yet, proving that nobody goes home empty handed, Eye Cue did receive the famed Barbara Dex Award.

However the spirit of Eurovision and fan attachment always prospers no matter what result. This year Eye Cue during their stay in London they recorded new songs, ‘Dancin’‘, ‘Love Me Hate Me’ and ‘Too Late’. Many will remember ‘Dancin” getting its first public reveal at Eurofest earlier this year.

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