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Eurovision Trivia finally heads over to the greatest of nations, San Marino. Yes, it’s time for that moment you’ve all been so desperately waiting for, the San Marino quiz. The fanmail in my inbox demanding this was getting out of control. We all have fun with San Marino in the contest, don’t we? They are the perfect underdog, always bring a production quality that is best described as ‘charming’ and apparently rely on a rather small pool of singers. It’s always lovely to see them have a rare time of success. And it is very often the case that the San Marino entry is rather notable, so there’s plenty of opportunity for fun trivia.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be on masters of the Big Balkan Ballad, Serbia. In the meantime, enjoy our trivia quiz on San Marino!

Should San Marino win 2020, where would the contest next year likely be hosted?

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The correct answer is 'we don't know' as such a scenario hasn't been considered, but in the event of such a historic win, while the tiny city of San Marino is a possibility also likely that a venue would be found in a nearby Italian city or even elsewhere in Europe. Netherlands and the UK hosted on behalf of Luxembourg back when that country was winning so there is precedent. But then there's also precedent with Millstreet, which has a third of the population of San Marino's capital.

2. What’s the demonym for San Marino?

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Not technically a Eurovision-related question but go on, impress your friends at your next Eurovision party with this knowledge!

What is the name of the band who provided San Marino’s first entry in 2008?

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This attempt failed and saw San Marino sit out for two years.

Senit asked us to do what in her 2011 entry?

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We stood by to see, and despite this failure, this was the entry that saw the start of San Marino’s regular - albeit often in doubt - participation.

Before changing it to 'The Social Network Song' to comply with EBU rules on product placement, which website did Valentina Monetta’s 2012 entry mention in its title?

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The original lyrics also included a reference to Zuckerberg. Personally, though the music was terrible, having to do this sadly stripped the song of its soul.

What was San Marino’s first qualifier?

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Valentina finally managed to get through the semis on her third (consecutive) try.

Who are San Marino's biggest fans from their two entries that have qualified?

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Albania AND Azerbaijan are drawing currently on 13 points. So of course this could all change very rapidly if San Marino get another qualifier. Azerbaijan leads the fan rankings for voting for them with semi-finals included.

Where is Serhat from?

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Serhat was born in Istanbul. As a wealthy Turkish producer/presenter, seems to have used San Marino as a vehicle for entry into a Eurovision in which his own country is no longer competing.

How many times has Valentina Monetta represented San Marino?

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Yes, 4! But San Marino only has a population of 33,000 - a tenth of Iceland's! The amount of singers that are actually Sammarinese they can have is numerically limited.

Which microstate other than San Marino currently takes part in Eurovision?

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Andorra and Monaco have participated before but now seem destined to deny their return each year as soon as anyone asks them about it. Liechtenstein has been in a state of 'soon joining the EBU' for about a decade. Malta of course is one of the most successful Eurovision participants to have never won. There has been no word that I'm aware of from the Holy See about if or when they would ever submit an entry.

Eurovision Trivia: San Marino
You are Valentina!

Sometimes in these rankings, positions don't matter. I think we all know in our hearts who the real Eurovision queen of San Marino is. Very well done, you got the highest score!
You are Serhat!

The man, the myth, the legend! Serhat is one of the most interesting performers of recent times. And perhaps partially it's because of attaching himself to San Marino. Any other country we might have forgotten about his weirdly fun disco entries in a short space of time, but I'm sure we'll be singing Hey Na Na Na for a good few years yet. Also, well done, you did very well!
You are Jessika & Jennifer!

We all hope San Marino provide us with better entries in the future. Good effort, if you want to, why not try again.

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