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🇩🇰 DR announces small changes for Melodi Grand Prix 2020.

Submission window is open! Tickets are on sale!

The Danish broadcaster DR announced small changes in the selection process for the upcoming edition of Melodi Grand Prix. Moreover, the submission window to send in the material is now open till November 1st. Melodi Grand Prix will take place in Copenhagen on Saturday, March 7th, 2020.

The public now has a bigger influence in choosing the national final songs

Just as in previous years, the final of Melodi Grand Prix will have ten entries participating. The change for the upcoming edition is, that the Danish broadcaster DR will not select all of them as in recent years, but seven out of the ten songs. The remaining three songs will be chosen by the listeners of P4. The nine districts of P4 will each select one song from all the submissions. Out of these nine songs, the listeners will vote for their favorites in January. The best three will make it to Melodi Grand Prix 2020.

All songs will be available to stream in January

By virtue of P4’s vote, not only the three listener-selected songs but also the seven additional final songs will be available on streaming services and for playback on the radio as early as January – and this means that the Danes will have two months to learn the ten songs and the artists behind knowing.

In this way we hope that we can create an even bigger party when it is time for the show itself, says Gustav Lützhøft.

Songs can be submitted HERE. You can read the rules for the competition HERE.

Danish Melody Grand Prix 2020 will be held at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen on Saturday, March 7. You buy tickets for the show here.

This year Denmark was represented by Leonora and her entry “Love Is Forever”. She finished in 12th place in the final with 102 points.

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