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🇩🇪 Aly Ryan expresses interest for San Marino for Eurovision 2020

The Unser Lied für Israel participant has sent songs to the micro-state

We have previously reported that Unser Lied für Israel participant Aly Ryan has submitted songs to Switzerland for Eurovision 2020. However, it seems that she could have a chance of representing another country, San Marino. Aly took to social media to confirmed she has sent songs to SMRTV for consideration.

Could San Marino be a more suitable option?

San Marino confirmed that it’s participating in 2020 after Serhat and Say Na Na Na got the country their best result in Tel Aviv. SMRTV is yet to announce how it will be selecting their entry.

The micro-state is currently the smallest country actively taking part in the contest. Within its short history in the competition, San Marino has had singers from the following countries represent them:

  • San Marino (Valentina Monetta, Anita Simoncini, 2x members of Miodio)
  • Italy (3x members of Miodio, Senit, Michele Perniola)
  • Turkey (Serhat)
  • Malta (Jessica Muscat)
  • Germany (Jenifer Brening)
  • USA (Jimmie Wilson)

Due to the small music scene in San Marino, the micro-state has been represented by singers from other countries. With San Marino looking to replicate its success in Tel Aviv, could Aly Ryan be their key to continue its qualifying streak?

More countries on the horizon?

In an Instagram story, Aly has asked her fans to DM her of participating countries who will be willing to take applications from non-citizens. Besides Switzerland and San Marino, will Aly Ryan submit entries to other countries?

Aly Ryan on her decision to apply for Switzerland

Aly Ryan’s Eurovision journey

Earlier this year, Aly Ryan participated in Germany’s national final ‘Unser Lied für Israel’ with her song ‘Wear Your Love‘. Despite being the fan-favorite to represent Germany in Tel Aviv this year, Aly managed to place fourth overall in the competition.

Aly Ryan might not have won ‘Unser Lied für Israel’, but ‘Wear Your Love’ has been chosen by OGAE Germany as their entry for the 2019 OGAE Second Chance Contest. Wear Your Love finished fifth, with 185 points.

Aly Ryan performing ‘Wear Your Love’ at
Unser Lied für Israel

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