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Netta and Stella Mwangi to feature Just Dance 2020

Eurovision artists included in one of the most popular video games ever! Named after Lady’s Gaga debut song ‘Just Dance’, the dance-rhythm game has been one of Ubisoft’s leading franchises. With annual releases since 2009 and featuring some of the biggest selling artists of past and present. For their 2020 edition, Ubisoft adds Stella Mwangi and Netta to the playlist!

Eurovision artists and Just Dance


It is not the first time that Eurovision artists have been part of this hugely popular game. In the past, Ubisoft used a lot of ABBA songs, there was even an ABBA theme edition!

De bronafbeelding bekijken

More recent Eurovision stars

Eurovision 2010 winner Lena Meyer Landrut was part of the Just Dance 3 playlist with her song “Satellite”.

Just Dance 2020 is not the debut for Stella and Netta! Ubisoft has already used songs from them in Just Dance 2019, the predecessor of Just Dance 2020. Netta’s winning Eurovision song ‘Toy’ was so much appreciated that Ubisoft immediately added the song to the playlist.

The game company has also noticed the Norwegian Stella Mwangi. She participated in Eurovision 2011 for Norway with the song “Haba Haba”. Unfortunately she did not make it to the final. Ubisoft used Stella’s ‘Not Your Ordinary’ in the same edition as Netta’s ‘Toy’.

Just dance 2020

Both Stella and Netta can now also be found in the 2020 version of the popular dance game.

Stella Mwangi – Ma Itu

Netta – Bassa Sababa

What do you think about Netta’s and Stella’s song being featured on Just Dance 2020? Will it start to showcase the Eurovision Song Contest to a wider audience? Talk to us on our social media @ESCXTRA!

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