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Junior Eurovision back in time: relive Rotterdam 2007

Make A Big Splash

Welcome back to Junior Eurovision back in time! In this series we look back to the previous editions of our kids contest to count down to the 2019 edition. Today: Rotterdam 2007!

  • Date: 8 December
  • Venue: Ahoy Rotterdam
  • Host broadcaster: AVRO
  • Presenters: Sipke Jan Bousema & Kim-Lian Van der Meij
  • Number of entries: 17
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Sipke Jan Bousema & Kim-Lian Van der Meij

Junior Eurovision 2007 marks the fifth edition of the kids contest. After many attempts, Dutch broadcaster AVRO finally won the bid to organise the contest! Other host candidates were Cyprus (who will host the 2008-edition) and Croatia. So, AVRO hosted the 2007-contest in the Eurovision 2020 venue, Ahoy Rotterdam!

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Ahoy Rotterdam

Participating countries

17 countries participated in Rotterdam. The Junior Eurovision-map changed a bit, as we said goodbye to countries, but also welcomed some debutants! 2007 marked withdrawals for Croatia and Junior Eurovision-powerhouse Spain. On the other hand, we welcomed some eastern European countries, such as Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

The full list of participating countries

  • Georgia: Mariam Romelashvili – Odelia Ranuni
  • Belgium: Trust – Anders
  • Armenia: Arevik – Erazanq
  • Cyprus: Yiorgos Ioannides – I mousiki dinei ftera
  • Portugal: Jorge Leiria – Só quero é cantar
  • Russia: Alexandra Golovschenko – Otlichnitsa
  • Romania: 4Kids – Sha-la-la
  • Bulgaria: Bon-Bon – Bonbolandiya
  • Serbia: Nevena Bozovic – Piši mi
  • The Netherlands: Lisa, Amy & Shelley – Adem In, Adem Uit
  • North Macedonia: Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski- Ding Ding Dong
  • Ukraine: Ilona Halytska – Urok hlamuru
  • Sweden: Frida Sandén – Nu eller aldrig
  • Malta: Cute – Music
  • Greece: Made in Greece – Kapou berdeftika
  • Lithuania: Lina Joy – Kai miestas snaudžia
  • Belarus: Alexey Zhigalkovich – S druz’yami

Interval act

Katie Melua

When all candidates performed their song and waited for the results, AVRO provided three interval acts. The first one came from Georgian/British singer Katie Melua. She sang her song ‘If You Wer A Sailboat’.

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Common song

Furthermore, AVRO came up with the great idea of donating the proceeds of the viewer’s votes to a good cause. The choice of that charity was not difficult either. Sipke Jan was Unicef’s ambassador. The juniors have recorded the collective song ‘One World’ especially for Unicef and in addition, they performed the song on stage.


Last but not least, the famous Dutch band Ch!pz made the theme song of Junior Eurovision in 2007. The band performed ‘Make A Big Splash’ dressed as captains. Many dancers and some water scenes made the act complete and made the entire Ahoy party.

Top 3

  • 3. Serbia: Nevena Bozovic – Piši mi
  • 2. Armenia: Arevik – Erazanq
  • 1. Belarus: Alexey Zhigalkovich – S druz’yami

Aexej Zhigalkovich wins Junior Eurovision 2007

Junior Eurovision 2007 contained one of the most exciting votings so far. Debutant Armenia came so close to a first victory, but in the end they got beaten by Alexej from Belarus. Armenia was only one point short. With Alexej’s win, Belarus received its second victory in the kids contest, so they could call themselves the best country in the contest back then. However, Belarus did not received the most 12 points during the contest. They only received the highest score from Lithuania, Malta and Portugal. It was runner-up Armenia that received the most 12 points during the night.

Some fun facts

  • Familiar faces in this Junior Eurovision edition! Two participants have already participated in the adult contest. Lisa, Amy and Shelley (OG3NE) represented The Netherlands in Kiev 2017 with ‘Lights And Shadows’. Serbia’s Nevena Bozovic represented Serbia twice in the adult contest. The first attempt was in 2013 as part of Moje 3 and she returned solo in 2019.
  • AVRO chose for a water theme which was visible on stage. They created 6 meters of water curtains for which they used 50000 litres of water.
  • For the third time in a row, the country that performed last was the winner.
  • Frida Sandén is the younger sister of Molly Sandén. Molly was allowed to represent Sweden in 2006 at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Frida as backing vocalist. The younger sister of Molly and Frida was on stage again in 2009 on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

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