Alfred García releases the music video for his song “Londres”

Alfred García has moved us all with 'Londres'

It’s not Paris nor Venice. For Alfred García, London is the true city of love! He now released the music video for his song “Londres”. The song is part of his album “1016” which was released in 2018. This is his third single off the album and rumoured to be the last one for this era. He ends it with probably his most personal and intimate song and music video!

Based on a real story!

Many are those who firmly believe that ‘London’, that song that emerged in one of the most beautiful stages of his life, managed to make us travel to the capital of England almost instantly. Stroll through its streets, be impressed with its lights, with that grey so personal that it makes it unique. Everything was possible in just over 3 minutes.

A certain person inspired the beautiful song “Londres”. It was his now ex-partner Belén González. The song recalls the true relationship that these two had in the past. She is also part of the music video. “You have been my inspiration for this song and therefore, it has to be you” Alfred was very clear about his vision and idea for the music video.

Thank you Belén, without you this song would not exist“, are the words that the Singer dedicates to her on his Instagram post!

Watch the music video and listen to the song “Londres” below:

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