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Eurovision Trivia takes a turn towards the Balkans as we arrive at one of its most successful nations, the only one to date to have won the contest and one that resolutely provides us with a beautiful Serbian song each year. It’s time for the Serbian trivia quiz! Ballads, Serbian language and songs that always give out a lot of emotion await. Come test your knowledge!

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be everyone’s favourite underdogs, Slovenia. In the meantime, enjoy our trivia quiz on Serbia!

Serbia first entered as a single nation in which year? They entered as Yugoslavia and ‘Serbia and Montenegro’ before this

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Yugoslavia stopped entering on its dissolution in 1992. The 90s saw Serbia out of the contest, but it did return for two years in 2004 as Serbia and Montenegro. Controversies over entry selection stopped them entering the 2006 contest, and Montenegro left the union that same year - so the first appearance of Serbia and Montenegro as separate countries was in 2007.

What was unusual about their first entry in that year?

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Marija Šerifović's Molitva gave Serbia what was technically a debut win, making them the only country (if you discount Switzerland winning the first contest) ever to win with their first entry.

Which later Serbian entrant represented Serbia and Montenegro in 2004?

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Željko is something of a living legend in Serbia, and including his own two Eurovision entries, has composed 3 others for former Yugoslav nations, Lejla of Bosnia, Oro of Serbia and Adio of Montenegro, all of which could be described as 'Big Balkan Ballads'. He came back to represent Serbia in 2012.

How many Serbian entries contain the word ‘ljubav’ in their title?

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'ljubav' is the Serbian word for love and has appeared reasonably often. The two that have represented Serbia were consecutive which adds to the perception that it is more common. They are 'Nije Ljubav Stvar' and 'Ljubav je Svuda' from 2012 and 2013.

5. Being all one can think about whenever this 2009 entry is brought up, what does the word ‘Cipela’ mean?

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Though if you thought of any of the others, I don't blame you, that is what this performance consisted of. It's just such a bizarre word to be a title of a song, at least without any adjectives (where's my 'new shoes', 'suede shoes' 'furry shoes' etc)

Which song represented Serbia when they hosted in Belgrade?

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Also known as the best Serbia entry by miles - a beautiful longing ballad that if you listen closely, imitates a bit of 'numa numa'. Which is meant as a compliment.

2015’s Beauty Never Lies starts out as a pop ballad but has what unexpected musical bit during its last minute?

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I remember this flooring everyone I was speaking to at the time. For its change, as well as its positive message.

Which entry got Serbia their best result since they won?

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Zeljko is magic. His first entry, Lane Moje, placed second in 2004.

Serbia have given the most points to which successful nation in the finals?

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Well done if you got that, I was surprised too, but Hungary's consistency in qualifying over the years has no doubt helped. Montenegro are leading by a large margin if you include the semi-finals to the shock of all, I'm sure.

Serbia’s oldest and most recent entry, Molitva and Kruna, mean what in English?

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Little bit of a trick question there, as the Kruna part is only to influence you towards one other answer. Molitva means Prayer, which makes it winning seem very powerful looking back.

Eurovision Trivia: Serbia
You are Marija!

That picture of Marija is so famous! Well done, you aced this quiz!
You are Nevena!

Nevena's 'Kruna' gave Serbia a very decent result this year, to match with your effort. Well done!
You are Tijana!

Serbia's 2015-2017 English language adventure was ended in 2017 when Tijana failed to qualify. Apologies, but why not look around ESCXtra and brush yourself up on Serbian participation. You can do it!

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