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🇧🇾 NAVIBAND rule out a return to Eurovision

Find out how you can help fund their upcoming album below

They stole the hearts of Eurofans back in 2017 with the lively track “Story of my Life”. But fast forward to today, and it appears that members Ksenia and Artem have no plans to return to Eurovision. They are currently in need of help to fund their next album, and time is running out.

A resounding no

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ksenia and Artem were asked if they would go to Eurovision again. To this, they both simply replied with a no. While they believe they got everything they wanted from the experience, it’s clear to them that there is a negative aspect to entering the contest.

“We’ve got everything we wanted from it. Yes, we have recognition. The European listeners buy our singles and support us. But there is a negative side of this competition – it turns many people’s heads, especially young artists. You are there surrounded by such attention and interest that a sense of importance can skyrocket. You start to think: “Wow, I’m a such a great artist!” And then you come home – and if you don’t have material and you don’t have an audience, you start breaking down.”

NAVIBAND’s Ksenia and Artem to

Luckily in NAVIBAND’s case, they have a devoted fanbase who regularly attend their concerts and help to stream their new material.

A new album is in the making

The band have been writing and recording new songs in Kyiv, where they coincidentally represented Belarus two years ago. They revealed further information about the album to KP.

“There will be four songs in Belarusian and six or seven songs in Russian. We are releasing the songs in the language they were born.”

“We really like what is happening now, we can’t even decide which of the songs to shoot a video for. The album is going to be pretty sad, like broken pink glasses, and we’re trying to talk about how we see the world right now.”

How you can support NAVIBAND

Due to not having the support of a record label, NAVIBAND have set up a crowdfunding campaign towards their next album. The campaign will end in 7 days time and if they fail to reach their goal, nothing of theirs will be released.

Ksenia and Artem say they are willing to put everything into this album to make it the best it can possibly be.

“We want to reach the goal of 30,000 rubles (30,000 BYN = 13,300 EUR) – however, that’s not even half of all expenditures on the album. But we’re willing to put all our money into the album, even sell our car, to make it truly great.”

60% of their goal still needs to be achieved by this deadline. If you are able to help NAVIBAND, click here to donate.

In addition, an English guide to filling out your details for the campaign can be found below.

Can you help NAVIBAND reach their goal? If not, help spread the word before they reach their deadline!

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