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If I were to choose a theme for a Slovenian trivia quiz, it’d be similar to Slovenia’s persona in Eurovision. And that is, the hipster nation that produces consistently awesome and well-appreciated songs among the fandom but often fails to reach a wider audience. Perhaps that’s what this week’s quiz is, or perhaps it’ll be shared loads and become the most successful of the quiz series. You decide. But it’s a rare year, and it almost wouldn’t be Eurovision, without the Slovenian entry being undoubtedly incredibly good and it ending up at a much lower position than it deserves and often, not making it to the final. It’s almost as much of a tradition as Greece <-> Cyprus for me.

As such there’s a lot of trivia that I’ve noticed about Slovenian entries and I’m going to ask you about. Check them out below!

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be the grand old Spain. In the meantime, enjoy our trivia quiz on Slovenia!

When did Slovenia join the contest?

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The qualification round for 1993 was actually hosted in Slovenia itself! The Slovene entry came 1st. It did not do as well in the contest, coming only 22nd.

Slovenia’s first English entry was sent by Daria, who talked about how many years?

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The title of the song is 'For A Thousand Years'

What colour was the leather outfit worn by Nusa Derenda during her eventual top 10 hit Energy in 2001?

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Quite a memorable outfit as far as older outfits go.

Between 2004 and 2010, which was the only Slovenian entry to qualify for the final?

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Slovenia hit what first for the contest in 2002?

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Sestre was the first ensemble to appear at Eurovision with all of its members in drag. They caused a lot of controversy in their home country at the time but thankfully cleared the way for drag and gay acceptance with later acts, including of course, future winner Conchita.

What three letter abbreviation is the name of the Slovenian selection for Eurovision?

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Stands for Evrovizijska Melodija.

Slovenia had what air instrument perform with Maraaya during ‘Here For You’?

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Air violin isn't something you see every day!

ManuElla’s ‘Blue And Red’ was compared to which popstar when it aired?

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Specifically early Taylor Swift, when she was still in her ‘I’m a sweet country girl’ phase. Blue And Red did not qualify.

‘Sebi’ this year brought Eurovision the rather unusual experience of which genre?

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The tone and atmosphere were very important to ‘Sebi’, making it very different from the normal Eurovision song. It was excellent to chillout to.

Slovenia’s best result is 7th, with the aforementioned Energy. What other song also made 7th?

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Eurovision Trivia: Slovenia
You are Zala and Gasper!

Look, they technically hold the Slovene points record okay! But what this means is you've cleared the quiz and can count yourself as a Slovenian master and fully knowledgeable on all the weird and unusual songs they're known to send. Well done!
You are Lea Sirk!

Representing a somewhat more normal side of Slovenian entries, Hvala Ne started off the current Slovenian record of qualification and did very reasonably for this often underrated country. Well done, you've done very well, but you can do a little better.
You are Omar Naber!

Omar Naber

Poor Omar! After failing to qualify in 2005, he came back after 12 years in 2017... and failed again. With collectively two of Slovenia's worst entries, so not entirely undeserved but still. Apologies, why not try again or look around ESCXtra to brush up on your Slovenian knowledge.

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