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If I were to choose a theme for a Slovenian trivia quiz, it’d be similar to Slovenia’s persona in Eurovision. And that is, the hipster nation that produces consistently awesome and well-appreciated songs among the fandom but often fails to reach a wider audience. Perhaps that’s what this week’s quiz is, or perhaps it’ll be shared loads and become the most successful of the quiz series. You decide. But it’s a rare year, and it almost wouldn’t be Eurovision, without the Slovenian entry being undoubtedly incredibly good and it ending up at a much lower position than it deserves and often, not making it to the final. It’s almost as much of a tradition as Greece <-> Cyprus for me.

As such there’s a lot of trivia that I’ve noticed about Slovenian entries and I’m going to ask you about. Check them out below!

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be the grand old Spain. In the meantime, enjoy our trivia quiz on Slovenia!

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Isaac Sturtridge

I like the heavy and weird entries in Eurovision. I also like stats and diving deep into Eurovision stories. My picture is not of me.

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