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๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡พ Junior Eurovision back in time: relive Minsk 2010

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Welcome to the eighth episode of Junior Eurovision back in time. Today we look back on the first JESC edition of the current decade. In 2010 we went to Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

Quick things to know

  • Date: 20 November
  • Venue: Minsk Arena
  • Host broadcaster: BTRC
  • Presenters: Denis Koerjan & Lejla Ismailova
  • Number of entries: 14
De bronafbeelding bekijken
Lejla Ismailova & Denis Koerjan

Broadcasters who wanted to organize the festival applied for this. The Belarusian state channel won the bid for the organization of Malta and Russia.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
Minsk Arena

Participating countries

While Cyprus and Romania left the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Latvia and Lithuania rejoined. Minsk also received a debutant, Moldova!

Full list of participating countries:

  • Lithuania: Bartas – Oki Doki
  • Moldova: Stefan Roscovan – Ali Baba
  • The Netherlands: Anna & Senna – My Family
  • Serbia: Sonja Skoric – ฤŒarobna noฤ‡
  • Ukraine: Yulia Gurska – Miy litak
  • Sweden: Josefine Ridell – Allt jag vill ha
  • Russia: Sasha Lazin and Liza Drozd – Boy & Girl
  • Latvia: Sarlote Lenmane – Viva la Dance (Dejo tฤ)
  • Belgium: Jill & Lauren – Get Up!
  • Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama
  • Malta: Nicole Azzopardi – Knock! Knock! Boom! Boom!
  • Belarus: Daniil Kozlov – Muzyki svet
  • Georgia: Mariam Kakhelashvili – Mari Dari
  • North Macedonia: Anja Veterova – Eooo Eooo

Interval acts

Alexander Rybak – Europe’s Skies

Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak had the honour to sing his song Europe’s Skies in his homeland, Belarus.

Dimitri Koldun + Juniors – A Day Without War

The tradition of making making a common song started in 2007. This time, the juniors sang ‘A Day Without War’. In addition, Eurovision 2007 entrant Dimitri Koldun joined them on stage.

Previous Junior Eurovision winners – medley

Minsk invited all previous Junior Eurovision winners to perform their winning song one more time. A nice reunion of Dino, Maria Isabel, Ksenia, the Tolmachevy sisters, Alexey, Bzikebi and Ralf!

Top 3

  • 3. Serbia: Skoric – ฤŒarobna noฤ‡
  • 2. Russia: Sasha Lazin and Liza Drozd – Boy & Girl
  • 1. Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama

Vladimir wins Junior Eurovision 2010

That marks the first victory for the Caucasus-nation! Armenia received points from every other participating country, including four times the maximum 12 points! Those 12 points came from Belgium, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Some fun facts

  • All countries were given 12 points at the start of voting. This was so no country got nul points.
  • As a joke, the Executive Supervisor of the contest, Svante Stockselius, was given 12 points before the voting.
  • For the first time a Junior Eurovision edition got two mascots, a bear and a wisent.
  • Broadcaster BRTC has determined through castings who will present the Junior Eurovision. The final elected Dennis and Lejla won the casting of many famous names. Other candidates were well-known local TV personalities, but also some former participants. Among them Ksenia Sitnik (2005), Alexey Zhigalkovich (2007), Alina Molosh (2008) and Daria Nadina (2008).

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