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🇸🇪 Carola DENIES MelFest return!

Carola responds to tabloid speculation that she will return.

Former Eurovision winner and three time MelFest winner, Carola responds to tabloid speculation from Swedish tabloid reports that she will return to the popular and iconic Swedish National Selection show, Melodifestivalen.

Unfortunately for you fellow worshipers of the Schlager Diva like myself, it’s not good news. She categorically denied her return.

What Aftonbladet said.

Nöjesbladet’s sources state that she is one of the artists that Swedish broadcaster SVT is now in final negotiations with to compete next year. It is was also so called confirmed that the song that Carola had written herself was a tribute to her well published Christian faith and will also be a song about her love of Jesus.

It has been submitted before, but then Carola has withdrawn and declined, but now she is keen to be involved,

A source said, who knows how the MelFest song selection panel works.

She really wants to be involved..

Says another informant close to MelFest.

What Carola said.

Today Carola took to her Instagram account to provide her side of the story. She also references that she is also not going to compete on another popular Swedish TV programme “Let’s Dance” which is the Swedish version of Dancing With The Stars or Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s in Swedish, but it roughly translated in the following.

I wish I could say Yes …., we’re running! But I humbly declined no thanks already in August when one of the absolute strongest composers in Eurovision offered me a nice song. And most recently in October when another heavyweight in this genre wished [to write me a song] but Christer B said that I sang the song that could be a true tribute to God.

But it takes a little more than that for me .. after all the years and different experiences. Still want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who still hoped somewhere that it could be true .. that I would actually join! Thank you for your confidence, interest, glowing fervor and surprise .. but still not.

For those who know me Know that I like unexpected happenings in life. But just in this situation there are other winners than me. Right now I’m actually smarter than that – than to say yes. Who knows in the future. But right now I was not getting started enough on neither the songs, mello nor the media circus. I build something from my heart, in the long run.

But with great gratitude for what Melodifestivalen once was to me, and to many others. Thanks! But feel free to ask the safest source at once before you sound out on TV that I’m ‘done’ … only that it can happen. My information for my management is above in my bio and is clearly like a sausage spade in a sausage casserole! [a known Swedish idiom] In my Advent program, for example, I take up why I, by pure survival instinct and as a protector of my children, can NOT sign up in neither Mello, Lets Dance or other similar programs – even though I both love to dance (at home in the kitchen) or compete.

Know that everything has its time and I’m not slow either. But right now, wisdom is high on the list and then both the kids and an Easter production come before the melody festival. Thanks.

Ps. For the sake of order too, I have not written any own song to sing in mello this year as the so-called safe source states.

Carola in Eurovision.

A three time Eurovision competitor for Sweden, she has never finished outside the top 5. Making her statistically the most successful female in the contest’s history and the second most successful contestant in history behind the Irish-Australian Johnny Logan.

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