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๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Junior Eurovision back in time: relive Yerevan 2011

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Welcome to episode nr. 9 of ‘Junior Eurovision back in time’! Today we take you back to Yerevan, the host city of the kids contest in 2011. That marks the first Eurovision event in the Caucasus-area. What do you remember from this edition?

Quick things to know

  • Date: 3 December
  • Venue: Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex
  • Host broadcaster: ARMTV
  • Presenters: Gohar Gasparyan & Avet Barseghyan
  • Number of entries: 13
De bronafbeelding bekijken
Avet Barseghyan & Gohar Gasparyan

At the beginning of 2011, EBU announced that Armenia would organize the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of that year. For the first time a winning country organizes the next edition!

Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex

Participating countries

Zero debutants, one returnign country and two withdrawals. While Serbia and Malta started a small break from their Junior Eurovision journey, Bulgaria came back.

Full lists of participating countries:

  • Russia: Katya Ryabova – Romeo & Juliet
  • Latvia: Amanda Basmakova – Moondog
  • Moldova: Lerika – No, no
  • Armenia: Dalita – Welcome to Armenia
  • Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov – Supergeroy
  • Lithuania: Pauline Skrabtyรฉ – Debesys
  • Ukraine: Kristall – Evropa
  • North Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka – ลฝimi ovoj frak
  • The Netherlands: Rachel – Teenager
  • Belarus: Lidiya Zablotskaya – Angely dobra
  • Sweden: Erik Rapp – Faller
  • Georgia: Candy – Candy Music
  • Belgium: Femke – Een Kusje Meer

Interval acts

Molly Sandรฉn – Spread A Little Light

Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama

Sirusho – Qele Qele

Top 3

  • 3. Belarus: Lidiya Zablotskaya – Angely dobra
  • 2. The Netherlands: Rachel – Teenager
  • 1. Georgia: Candy – Candy Music

Candy wins Junior Eurovision 2011

And that marks the second victory of the Caucasus-nation. While struggling in the adult contest, Georgia becomes a powerhouse in the kids contest. Candy received points from every nation, including three times the maximum 12 points by Armenia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Some fun facts

  • Every country received 12 points so nobody returned home with 0. Those 12 points were announced by a spokesperson from Australia.
  • Non-participating countries Australia and Bosnia & Herzegovina broadcasted the show.
  • Russia’s Katya Ryabova becomes the first artist to take part twice in Junior Eurovision. Her previous attempt was in 2009.
  • Changes in the voting rules: the voting lines opened after the last country performed + each country’s spokesperson also announced all the points during their presentation, due to the lower number of participating countries, as it was done in 2003โ€“2004.

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