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I suspect there have been many people waiting a while for a Swedish trivia quiz. Sweden is one of those countries in the Eurovision fandom that people only seem to have two opinions on. Either they are easily the greatest country, serving up every year a quality pop song and providing an excellent national final process besides. Or they are an overrated blight on Eurovision, chief among the countries turning it into a pop contest rather than the national traditions it should show. And as very often happens when people say there are only two opinions for rhetorical flourish, I fall somewhere in the middle of that.

There are great Swedish entries and Swedish entries that are boring because we’ve seen it so many times before. There is no doubt that Sweden has had a huge impact on the contest. It is perhaps THE most successful nation, with the second-most wins, a matter of when, not if, they will overtake Ireland, and if my stats are correct, the record holder for most points gained all-time. And so many of these entries have left a huge mark on the Eurovision fandom that I hope this week’s quiz will be a treat for you all. Enjoy!

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be the first winners, Switzerland. In the meantime, enjoy our Swedish trivia quiz!

What is the Swedish selection process for Eurovision, watched by a huge number of Swedes every year?

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'Melody Festival' is one of the most consistently watched national finals, not just by Swedes, but by the Eurovision fandom as a whole.

How many points did ABBA win with Waterloo in 1974?

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As well as being arguably the most famous winner of the contest, Waterloo is also one of the lowest-scoring. This is because of an unusual system, used for one year in 1974 (after having been used at various times earlier), that gave out very few points at all. The jury of the time only had ten points to distribute among the entries.

Carola has entered for Sweden three times, coming in the top 5 each time. Which of her songs did she win with?

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Its English name is 'Captured By A Stormwind', which makes it one of the coolest titles ever held by a winner in my opinion. This was in 1991.

Which entrant from the 80s or 90s would go on to become a producer of both the Swedish selection show and Eurovision itself?

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Christer has been very prominent in the Swedish selection process and at the times that Sweden has hosted under his tenure. He will step down in 2021.

In 1999, the artist now known as Charlotte Perelli won for Sweden, but with a different last name, her maiden name. What was this?

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Johnson and Philipsson are names of other Swedish representatives.

In recent years, a popular artist in Sweden’s selection who has not (yet) gone to Eurovision is Jon Henrik Fjällgren, who incorporates Sami joiking into his music. Which earlier 90s entry was performed by a singer in a Sami costume, with the intent of the song to focus on the traditions of indigenous peoples?

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Roger Pontare, the singer, is of Sami descent himself and provides wonderful Eurovision-adjacent music, his recent Melodifestivalen track in 2017 was my favourite of that year, and When Spirits... is right up among my favourite Swedish entries, just behind the beautiful Den Vilda and The Ark’s The Worrying Kind.

Which Swedish entrant is the mother of climate change activist Greta Thunberg?

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She sang ‘La Voix’, another awesome Swedish entry.

Who is the sole Swedish entrant of the 2010s to not place in the top 10 (excluding the non-qualification of Anna Bergandahl)?

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And here I have to express my displeasure at the 2013 Melodifestivalen result and what might possibly be my least popular Eurovision fandom opinion, being a YOHIO fan, not that 'You' is bad. Being happy with the winner is a bit of a rarity but I remain eternally convinced that it would have been a much more entertaining host entry and would have done much to alleviate the criticisms of Swedish entry homogeneity, had YOHIO won and brought some... Swedish J-Pop (yes) craziness to Malmo. I was a huge YOHIO stan at the time. Anyway, 'You' sucks and it was a deserved comparative failure for Sweden.

Which record did Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ actually beat?

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Obviously the last one isn't a true record, though from anecdotal experience in the fandom, it has become very hard for many fans to find a song that tops 'Euphoria'. It did get the most 12s of any entry, from 18 countries.

In 2016, who co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest with Petra Mede?

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Eurovision Trivia: Sweden
You are Loreen!

Hard to choose a winner, as they are all iconic in their own way (even Herreys), but Loreen got what I consider my generation of Eurovision fans into Eurovision for life with the sheer power of Euphoria and I really respect that. Well done on acing this quiz!
You are Benjamin Ingrosso!

Benjamin Ingrosso in Melodifestivalen

I should admit, I have a surprisingly good opinion of Benji and his 'Dance You Off', considering the rest of my taste, you'd expect me to hate it. Perhaps it's the factor was that 2018 was the Melodifestivalen I went to, something I have a great memory of, but it's a strong song. It didn't overperform for a Swedish entry, neither did it underperform. Good job on the quiz, well done.
You are Anna Bergendahl!

Unfortunately for Anna, with such a rigourous selection process, it is a really rare year when Sweden misfires and sends something that won't qualify, and to date, there has only been one - though certain fans who are bored of clean technical but occasionally lifeless pop songs are often hoping that each year will be the next one. Bergendahl's This Is My Life did not qualify in 2010, and I apologise, you didn't do very well here either. But there is good news, the results trend shows that not qualifying really woke Sweden up, and ever since they have been undeniably the most consistent and successful country in the entire contest. Anna is in part responsible for that.

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