XTRA Debate: Opening up to this years slogan

Last week, another piece to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was made public. The EBU announced the official slogan: ‘Open up‘. How does it compare to previous years, and can we glean anything about the vibe of the 2020 contest from the multi-faceted slogan?

Oliver: For me – ‘Dare to Dream’ was too abstract and bordering the overly pretentious. It asks more questions than it answers:

  • Dare to dream winning Eurovision?
  • Dare to dream hosting?

What is the direct correlation between the slogan and the 2019 contest?

Given Israel have both won and hosted the contest, in retrospect it seemed a strange slogan choice. Meanwhile, ‘Open Up’ is obviously funny for any English speaker who has a slightly filthy mind. Personally I would have paid to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. Just to see how many noticed the very obvious innuendo that has led to ALL the memes on the web.

Open up - Rotterdam 2020
Insert endless jokes here!

Vincent: I kinda agree. “Dare to Dream” is cliché while “Open up” at least has the innuendo going on. It’s like “All Aboard” in a way, inclusive but not cliché. But “All Aboard” worked because it was relevant to the theme. As far as “Open up” is concerned, we know nothing about the theme, and I wonder if the only reason we don’t find it cliché and “keywordy” is because we can’t help but laugh whenever we think about it.

Dare to Dream

Hints to the future?

Oliver: At the moment we don’t know anything about the theme but I wondered if, like the running order, it’s a hint of what’s to come? The light-hearted tone is appreciated, sure but there’s something a bit deeper and artistic layered in the joke.

Vincent: Well it could go with a flowery theme, tulips and all?

Oliver: Well I was thinking perhaps it’s playing with out perception? Rotterdam has hosted ESC events before (JESC) and NL more broadly has a handful times. Unlike Portugal, Azerbaijan or Finland, the Netherlands have showcased many sights and stereotypical cultural highlights – even if it may be outside the range of memory for some of us born after 1976…

Vincent: The Maastricht choice was seen as the European one (as in, not so centred around the Netherlands, like Stockholm 2016). The Rotterdam one could go with a very classic “let me showcase my country” plan and thus a theme around that too (like the stars in Israel, seashells in Lisbon and that round thing in Ukraine). The Tulip theme is not far-fetched indeed.

Oliver: It’s not far fetched but it’s a little cliche. I’m sure there will be some reference to the image tulip opening up or something but I think the slogan will be used for more than just a visual cue? I also wondered how the slogan links to the Rotterdam reveal trailer.

The trailer made a clear point to hammer home the idea of inclusivity, diversity and celebrating difference. Of course this isn’t unique to the contest. You only need to look back to previous slogans like ‘Building Bridges or ‘Celebrate Diversity’. Perhaps through the positive reinforcement and specifically vague framing of ‘Open Up’, Rotterdam 2020 will present a salve to the increasingly abrasive political undercurrents throughout the continent without falling foul of the awkwardly phrased rules. It promotes a message or cause that is very much what the contest now comes to represent in the modern age

Vincent: “Present a salve” or add fuel to the fire…

Oliver: Touché!

Snap poll

We did a quick mini-snap poll within the XTRA Debate team asking the very simple question “‘Dare to Dream’ or ‘Open Up’?”. Of those responding, 80% preferred the 2020 slogan over its predecessor. Take a look below to see the poll taken last year of the teams thoughts on previous slogans:

Snap poll taken by the ESCXTRA team last year

What are your thoughts on this years slogan? How does ‘Open Up’ compare to slogans from the past? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates!

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