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🇸🇮 Slovenia: EMA FRES Duels announced!

18 acts will battle it out for two spots in EMA 2020!

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that 18 acts have been selected by RTVSLO to compete in EMA FREŠ. This selection, which starts next week, will act as a pre-selection for EMA 2020. Following this, the full line-up was revealed. Now, it has been announced who will be facing who in the ‘duel’ rounds.

With the competition due to start this coming Monday (4th November), EMA’s Instagram account has revealed who each act will be taking on in the ‘duel’ rounds:
Duel 1: 4th November
  • Stella – Ne vem, če sem v redu (I don’t know if I’m okay)
  • Pia Nina – Tukaj in zdaj (Here and now)
Duel 2: 5th November
  • Soulution – Bil bom s teboj (I’ll be with you)
  • Younite – The Cure
Duel 3: 6th November
  • Astrid in Avantgarden – Sing To Me
  • Martina – Pleši (Dance)
Duel 4: 11th November
  • Klarity – Diham (I’m breathing)
  • Tilen Lotrič – Jaz in ti (Me and you)
Duel 5: 12th November
  • Marko Škof – Hočem da je vse kot prej (I want everything as before)
  • Petra Ceglar – Srce naglas (Heart out loud)
Duel 6: 13th November
  • Parvani Violet – Cupid
  • Sara Petešič – Sanjaj / Dream
Duel 7: 18th November
  • Ljudmila Frelih – Vztrajaj, ker je vredno (Persevere because it’s worth it)
  • Saška – Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh (I’m still chasing your smile)
Duel 8: 19th November
  • Alfirev – Črno bela lika (Black and white figure)
  • Nuša Pliberšek – Življenje je čarovnija (Life is magic)
Duel 9: 20th November
  • Lana Hrvatin – Dream
  • Marmoris – Moj pristan (My haven)

Um…so how does this all work, then?

From November 4 onwards, two acts will be presented per day, each week, from Monday to Wednesday. The public will vote for a winner from each ‘daily duel’. From each duel, one will progress to Friday’s round, where the winner of the week will be selected. Each week, the jury will also select a winner. 

After the first three weeks, six artists will have qualified for the EMA Freš final. The remaining four finalists will by determined by a “happy losers” round, an additional online vote. 

The final 10 will then compete for one of two spots in EMA 2020. One of these will be determined by a public vote, and another by the jury. These acts will compete against established Slovenian artists in the selection for Eurovision 2020! The submissions for EMA are due to close on November 18th. 

Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Slovenia has competed 24 times as an independent nation. Previously, they have competed as Yugoslavia alongside: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. As Yugoslavia, only four of the 27 entries were from Slovenia.

Slovenia officially debuted in 1993, where they won the right to compete after winning Kvalifikacija za Millstreet. They qualified along with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, who finished second and third respectively. Slovenia were represented in 1993 by 1X Band who sang “Tih deževen dan”. They finished in 22nd with Nine points.

Slovenia’s best ever finish at Eurovision is Seventh Place, which they have achieved twice. The first of those came in 1995, when Darja Švajger sang “Prisluhni mi”. Likewise the second of those came in 2001, when Nuša Derenda sang “Energy”.

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Costa Christou

Ever since I saw Helena Paparizou's triumph at Eurovision in 2005 (at the tender age of 6), I have been crazy about Eurovision. From the regional native language bops and shrieky female-led balladry to the sophisticated avant garde pop songs and chart-friendly EDM, I love everything about this cultural phenomenon. I'm currently working as a Delivery Manager in a software development team.

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