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Junior Eurovision 2019: Our Top 10 (#10 – #7)

The team at ESCXTRA review the Junior Eurovision 2019 entries

Welcome to the ESCXTRA Top 10 of Junior Eurovision 2019! The team here have scored all 19 entries out of ten and we’ll be counting down our top 10 along with a selection of reviews. Has your favourite made the top ten? Let’s find out!

Today we count down #10 to #7…

#10 – 🇮🇪 Ireland: Anna Kearney – Banshee

Score: 7.17 / 10

Anna Kearney - Banshee - Ireland 🇮🇪 - Official Music Video - Junior Eurovision 2019Anna Kearney – Banshee – Ireland 🇮🇪 – Official Music Video – Junior Eurovision 2019

Tom O: 8.5

With the release of the revamp and video this song shot straight into my favourites. It’s one of those Eurovision entries that takes you to the country. The Irish language works perfectly here (no need for English lines) and I love the mystical, magical, uplifting epic feel to it. I look forward to seeing this on the Junior Eurovision stage.

Ryan: 7.0

Now Banshee continues to grow and grow with every listen. Anna’s vocals are angelic and there’s a wonderful “movie epic” feel about the song and its accompanying video. My favourite Irish entry up until now is the beautiful “Suile Glasa”, but Banshee is getting closer and closer with every listen. I hope juries reward this and, if so, Ireland could be on track for the best Junior Eurovision finish to date!

Alexi: 6.0

Arguably unfairly, I had to give Anna’s entry only a 6.0 due to the fact this sort of ballad just isn’t really my cup of tea – and I find this entry kind of run-of-the-mill. Saying that, it is growing on me on repeat listens and it is well composed and strongly sung by Anna. However, compared to other entries I just find that it doesn’t really stand out for me.

#9 – 🇧🇾 Belarus: Liza Misnikova – Pepelny (Ashen)

Score: 7.25 / 10

Liza Misnikova - Pepelny (Ashen) - Belarus - Official Music Video - Junior Eurovision 2019Liza Misnikova – Pepelny (Ashen) – Belarus – Official Music Video – Junior Eurovision 2019

Sean: 10

I think I’m the main contributing factor as to why this is in our top 10. Belarus has declared 2019 the Year of the Pop Girlie whether y’all like it or not. Sorry Vetra fans but this is an absolute bop. It gives off vibes similar to their entry in 2016, which was my winner that year. This also is much better live than in studio, which will work to its advantage. It’s an entry that will do a respectable job scorewise, but will not challenge for first place.

Riccardo: 8.0

I was of the few who really liked Belarus in 2018 and while I admittedly did not follow the selections and the fan favourite not winning, I still think we ended with a very decent winner. I am impressed by Liza’s staging presence and her vocals and dance moves and the song feels age appropriate. One wish I have for the actual show, is that she changes her styling a bit as I get too many references to Zena’s “Like it”. If she does that, she is on track to keep Belarus’s solid record going.

Aline: 7.5

Liza could be Zena’s little sister. The song is energetic. I hope that they keep the staging in Gliwice a bit similar to the one in Belarus’ national final because I love neon colours.

#8 – 🇲🇹 Malta: Eliana Gomez Blanco – We Are More

Score: 7.83 / 10

Eliana Gomez Blanco - We Are More - Malta 🇲🇹 - Official Music Video - Junior Eurovision 2019Eliana Gomez Blanco – We Are More – Malta 🇲🇹 – Official Music Video – Junior Eurovision 2019

Luke: 9.5

This is so incredibly modern – Malta is yet again showing that they’re a Junior Eurovision powerhouse! Something about this gives me Molly Pettersson-Hammar vibes, and then with the introduction of lyrics in Maltese which is so great to see! My only minor criticism is that I get a slight feeling of the song always building up to something that it never 100% delivers…it’s 99% there, just missing that huge wow moment. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourites this year and I think another Maltese JESC entry to look out for!

Tim: 8.0

I don’t know what it, but this entry kind of reminds me of Warrior by Amber. I love the message behind the song and I hope that she is able to reach out to the audience very well with it.

Costa: 7.5

Firstly, I cannot deny the talent that Eliana has. Once again, Malta are sending one of the strongest vocalists in the competition. However, like Australia, I find that they are sending the same kind of adult-contemporary entries year on year. It’s bizarre to me that Malta send a more youthful to the main contest in Tel Aviv. I have no doubt that this will be jury favourite, but I can’t help but feel like North Macedonia are sending a much stronger and Junior-friendly version of this kind of song.

#7 – 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan: Yerzhan Maxim – Armanyńnan Qalma

Score: 7.96 / 10

Yerzhan Maxim - Armanyńnan Qalma - Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 - Official Music Video - Junior Eurovision 2019Yerzhan Maxim – Armanyńnan Qalma – Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 – Official Music Video – Junior Eurovision 2019

Tom R: 9.0

First of all, it’s great to see Kazkahstan back, even after their “lower than expected” result last year. And they’re back WITH A BANG! This song just screams ‘Junior Eurovision’. It’s a beautiful song, that fits into the autumn/winter vibe of the contest. I feel like this could do well with the juries, but I’m not sure how it will do with the public. For me, I find the song very magical and with the right staging, this should remain as one of my favourites in Gliwice.

Oliver: 8.0

I have to commend Kazahkstan for showing submitting a really competent package – second year in a row. Yerzhan has an exceptional voice and I really hope this is a song that really comes alive in a live setting. The song would not be out of place in a Disney musical film and like any competent Disney powerhouse song, the track follows a simple, yet effective and memorable melody. I love the instrumental flourishes that really root the track to Kazakh/Central Asian musicality. Wonderful stuff – thank you Kazahkstan once again.

Vincent: 7.0

My my, it does sound like a Disney song. And looks like one. Sounds of “Frozen” and looks of “Anastasia” (which isn’t Disney but that’s beside the point). It’s a bit to fairitaly for me (lyrically and visually, musically the dose isn’t too much), and quite enjoyable. And I think it feels more natural than last year’s entry.

Look out for the next edition of our Top 10, where will be revealing our #6 -#3! What do you think of our Top 10 so far? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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