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🇮🇸 Hatari release ‘Klámstrákur’, perform at Iceland Airwaves

Hatari are busy this November, they have released a new song, ‘Klámstrákur’ on streaming services today, they are performing at the Iceland Airwaves show in Reykjavik, and they are preparing for their ‘Europe Will Crumble’ tour that starts in January.

New song ‘Klámstrákur’ questions ‘toxic masculinity’

Briefly covered in our New Music Friday last week, ‘Klámstrákur’ (meaning ‘Filthy Boy’) is a challenging song. It has long been a fan favourite at live shows. Therefore a studio recording is very welcome for those who want more Hatari music available to listen to wherever they go.

Certainly, it’s an expected direction from a group that has often attracted controversy. From the start, they challenged societal norms by sending a song to Eurovision about how ‘hatred will prevail’. This song too does not shy away from uncomfortable topics. The video, shown below, shows the group challenging traditional male roles and being against toxic masculinity.

So it’s a welcome video for all men who reject that, who’ve known men like Mattias’ character in the video. They might identify with Klemens’ free character, or they just might not be angry about men doing whatever they want. Either way, it is the sort of song that is very welcome among Hatari fans and the Eurovision community.

Talking to, Klemens and Mattias said:

Klemens: It’s me confronting shame about not necessarily fitting in, questioning the role that a man in the 21st century is placed into.’

Mattias: It raises questions of sexual identity and expression and repression.

Emma Kelly, Metro, Hatari explore sexual repression and toxic masculinity with new single Filthy Boy

‘Klámstrákur’ was released on musical streaming services today . This is their direct followup to their previous single ‘Klefi/Samed (صامد)‘ that featured Bashar Murad, a gay Palestinian musician.

Watch the video below:

Live Performances

They are performing later today on the third day of the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik, along with a number of other Icelandic artists. They will be performing in the Reykjavik Art Museum today and also Saturday at the Gaukurinn. Full schedule.

According to the interview they gave to Metro:

When asked what fans can expect from Hatari’s performance at the Reykjavik Art Museum, Matthias said: ‘You can expect a thong-shaking bassline, a well rehearsed techno performance…

Emma Kelly, Metro, Hatari explore sexual repression and toxic masculinity with new single Filthy Boy

Hatari are will continue live performances with their Europe Will Crumble Tour, starting in January 2020. They announced the tour in July.

What do you think of Klámstrákur? Are you going to attending Iceland Airwaves or on the Europe Will Crumble tour to see Hatari’s performances? Let us know on our social media pages.

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