Gliwice-Silesia 2019

Junior Eurovision 2019: Our Top 10 (#2 & #1)

The team at ESCXTRA review the Junior Eurovision 2019 entries

#2 – 🇲🇰 North Macedonia – Mila Moskov – Fire

Score: 9.13

Tom R: 10

They say “save the best until last” and North Macedonia certainly saved the best entry to be revealed last. WOW! This is amazing, Mila’s voice could easily surpass most of the adults that will be taking part in ESC 2020, I’m sure. This feels like a mature entry that would easily fit into adult Eurovision, and I’m sure that this will top the jury vote in Gliwice. North Macedonia delivered with Tamara in Tel Aviv and then Mila brings along this song – which is one of the best Junior Eurovision songs of all-time. Good luck!

Vincent: 9.5

I love this : first, of course, because it is very enjoyable musically, but not only. Mila’s voice is surprisingly strong and fierce, and I hope she can bring that fierceness from the video clip on stage too. And I always prefer a song that’s more personal and less “hear my message”, at least when it’s done right, and here it IS done right. I sincerely hope that Macedonia succeed in both contests this year because they deserve it.

Alexi: 7.0

I understand that the majority of my colleagues really love this song from Mila and North Macedonia, but I personally don’t find it as good as some of the other entries. Much preferring Spain and France, I find that ‘Fire’ rises throughout the song but just doesn’t hit the final, right marks. Saying that, it is an objectively strong song that should do well – it just isn’t one of my absolute personal favourites.

Tim: 10

I instantly fell in love with the song. Mila’s voice reminds me so much of a young Sia, and those high notes are amazing. I cannot wait to see how she performs Fire live on stage, and I hope that North Macedonia finally gets the result they deserve.

Costa: 10

North Macedonia have been tragically overlooked at both the adult and junior contest throughout their participation history, but no more! Between this and “Proud”, North Macedonia have been sending a message to the other countries “we are here”. “Fire” is a beautiful song and one that speaks to the strength of young girls who dare to stray from the pack and embrace their power in a world that often tries to silence them. Not only is this my favourite song of the year, but is one of the best songs to participate in Junior Eurovision ever.

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Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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