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🇫🇮 Saara Aalto has finished recording vocals for Disney’s Frozen 2 (Finland)

Saara Aalto, Finland’s representative in Lisbon, has announced that she will reprise the Finnish voice-acting role of Princess Anna in Disney’s upcoming musical fantasy film Frozen 2. The film is scheduled to be released later this month.

Saara Aalto’s Frozen connection

Saara has a longstanding relationship with the Frozen franchise since her initial voice acting role in 2013. Showing off her flair with languages, she released a version of ‘Let It Go’ – probably the most iconic song from the film in no less than 13 different languages! Similarly, her first live performance on X Factor UK was a darker, moodier and somewhat ethereal interpretation of the song.

Let It Go in 13 languages!

However, Saara’s relationship with the song doesn’t stop there! Earlier this year, she ice-skated to the track on Dancing on Ice. Certainly a fitting context!

Saara Aalto at the Eurovision Song Contest

Saara Aalto has a long history with Eurovision, including multiple attempts to represent Finland. Her repeated participation has created a running joke within the fandom: coming second. Both in 2011 and 2016 she narrowly missed out on winning the ticket to the contest. The theme extended further as she came second once again in X Factor UK in 2016.

After performing three songs at UMK 2018, the jury and the Finnish public selected ‘Monsters’ as the song to be paired with Saara to Lisbon. In a strong field, she placed 10th in the first semi, bringing Finland back to the final after three years of non-qualification. In the Grand Final, she placed 25th.

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