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One of the big success stories of the 2000s has been the arrival of the Ukraine. Coming into the contest with a clear vision of doing well, they have constantly wowed us with creatively interesting staging and strong pop songs. They may occasionally sit out a year, but when they are in, they never fail to leave a mark, and the quickness of their returns always show how much they enjoy Eurovision, and doing well in Eurovision. So many iconic moments of the contest in the 21st century have originated from Ukraine. What might this Ukrainian trivia quiz hold in store for you?

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We move alphabetically so the next quiz will be the last one, United Kingdom. In the meantime, enjoy our Ukrainian trivia quiz!

Outside of the Big 5, Ukraine are one of two countries to have qualified through the semi-final in every Eurovision they have participated in. What is the other?

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Only these two left with a 100% record, and neither have taken part every year since the semi-finals were introduced. The other three options have all had one miss each.

Not long after Ukraine joined Eurovision, the Orange Revolution (successful protests against political corruption) happened. Which Ukrainian Eurovision entry is often unofficially said to be a theme song of that revolution?

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The Orange Revolution occurred in late 2004, with Ukraine due to host in 2005. It's specifically about the presidential election in 2004 - and was taken to by Ukrainians as their host entry in Kiev 2005, held after the protests had concluded.

Ruslana was Ukraine’s first winner. She memorably won performing in what outfit?

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The performance definitely attempted to live up to the name of the song, 'Wild Dances', by really making Ruslana and her dancers look wild. Great winner.

Dancing Lasha Tumbai, so memorably performed by Verka Serduchka, was performed in which language?

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It includes lyrics from all four languages. Also, who could forget those silver outfits.

Ani Lorak’s Shady Lady is going to strike like... what?

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Thunder is the lyric, and this proved correct, as Shady Lady gave Ukraine a 2nd consecutive top 2 result, making it three times Ukraine in the top 2 in five years.

Mika Newton’s Angel involved what kind of visual accompaniment?

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The other options are all taken from other memorable Ukrainian entries from about the same time. 'None' goes to Sweet People, Alyosha specifically wanting the symbolism of her song to stand on its own. Ukrainians are big on their concepts.

Which year did Jamala sing about when she won in 2016?

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1944 was when the Crimean Tatars were forced to leave their homes by the Russians - the song’s message bordered on the political line but was allowed because the song lyrics do not directly address that - it is very unlikely that anything addressing the events of 2014 would be allowed. 1676 I chose as an option because around that time, although the date and the historicity of the entire event is disputed, represents one of my favourite pieces of Ukrainian history, the legendary Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks (search it but content warning for vulgar language), a letter written to the then Ottoman Empire after the Cossacks defeated them in battle. Again, the letter probably isn't historical but it's a fun anecdote besides.

Ukraine have never sent a song solely in Ukrainian, true or false?

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They have sent two songs with Ukrainian in them, Greenjolly's Razom nas Bahato, which contained a couple of verses in English, and Wild Dances, which was largely in English. Dancing Lasha Tumbai and 1944 are the only other non-English songs, the former having its question above, and the latter using the language of the Crimean Tatars along with English.

Ukraine didn’t participate in 2019. Who won their national final but then refused to take part, eventually leading to their withdrawal?

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'Siren Song' was the song that would have been sent. Freedom Jazz and Kazka, the second and third placers, were asked but both turned it down.

Who has been the biggest fan of Ukraine over the years (grand final points)?

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Belarus have given Ukraine the most! 126 as of 2019.

Eurovision Trivia: Ukraine
You are Jamala!

Jamala, the most recent Ukrainian winner, did so with a most wonderful song. You've aced this quiz, well done!
You are Melovin!

Achieving a respectable result for Ukraine in their most recent attempt at the Eurovision crown, you've done rather well to come on the level of Melovin!
You are O.Torvald!

Vidbir 2018

I actually really like 'Time', but O Torvald are one of Ukraine's worst performing entries, especially since they don't have a non-qualifier. Apologies, but why not try again?

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